Aug 31, 2007

"and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile"

In happier news, I got home today to find a belated birthday gift from my friend
Mark in Toronto

The thing about mail from Canada is it always looks so exotic because of those crazy Quebecois insist on everything being in French. I hurriedly tore into the wrapping paper and cried out in (honest to God) glee:

Of course, I don't have a DVD player, but still!
It's very exciting.

I remember when I first met Mark, years ago. We were walking through the French quarter and he commented
"you're like the Gay male Mary Tyler Moore"
I was floored.

It was uncanny, because that's exactly a running joke I'd made about myself too.
(with (we agreed) more than a good dash of Rhoda Morgenstern.)

Mary and I were (well, then at least) both young naive singles....going on lots of dates...but never quite putting out.

As time has gone on, I think I've become more Rhoda-like than Mary like, but I guess that's inevitable, isn't it?

Now, what I want to know, is why can't one find Rhoda on DVD? (What kind of evil shiksa conspiracy is going on out there?)
I'd even buy a machine for that, I think.


thombeau said...

Whether you're a Mary or a Rhoda, it's good to see you *smiling* again!

(I've always been more of a Phyllis, myself. With a little Sue Ann Niven thrown in the mix. Watch out!)

(Nah, who am I kidding. I'm Rhoda's sister Brenda...)

jason said...

Sue Ann and Phyllis?
But of course, the two most fabulous!

Do you have Brenda's sexy voice? :)

Silly Monkey said...

I'm Bess. ;o

Yeah, I can totally see you throwing your beret up on the air, Jason.

jason said...

I used to have a beret actually....remember?

mrpeenee said...

I bet Mary had nose bleeds, too. Probably from not enough put out.

Silly Monkey said...

Of course I remember your beret. That's the picture I had in my head. You, with your big face mole and accent, throwing your leather beret up into the air. :)

jason said...

you're probably right

mrpeenee said...

I am always right. It's a burden I bear.