Nov 30, 2013

a tree...for me

So this Christmas, I decided to not put up Champagne Slim again.

Last year I festooned all 6 and a half champagne feet of him with 20,000 dollars worth of plastic dollar tree ornaments. It was like Christmas at Versailles here.
You know, the Versailles Trailer Park off of Interstate 10.

And no one even saw him.

Ah well.

This year I was too lazy to go up in the attic decided to go in a different direction:
no plastic at all. 
It's an all organic Xmas.

On a whim the other day, I bought a little tree from Whole Foods. 
She looked so cute.
After a bit of comparison shopping today, however, I realize now that WF had raped me....again.
But well, my tree is free range, right?
I'm sure it is.

Today I pulled out a few of the smaller vintage glass ornaments (especially the little clip on birds) I could find without going up into the attic....and dressed it up with battery lights that cost as much as the tree.  

For some reason my landlord doesn't want me lighting candles on the tree or something.
Since no one will probably see this tree either (ahem),
I took some bad cell phone photos.

Nov 26, 2013

Things I hate

washing the car
having my picture taken
Talking on the phone
Doing laundry

Cigarette Smoke

Nov 21, 2013

Actual things seen, actually

Sunday Food.  I guess after enough mimosas, anything will do, right?
I'd written about the ubiquity of these rear window stickers round these parts a while back, but ...uh...The Gun Family here takes it to a whole new level.  
Camo Wedding Favor Boxes....for the Camo Wedding of your Dreams (see above)
Why yes, it is Justin Bieber Duct Tape.  Now, where's that Gun Family when you need one?

Nov 20, 2013