Dec 29, 2014

meet my new friends

Once upon a time I had some fish.
I had a black molly and a white one.
So I named them Othello and Desdemona.
That was a bad idea.
Othello ate Desdemona.
But that was ten years ago.
Things will be different now, right?

My new little fish are much humbler sort...and less aggressive.

I like to think they're in love.

Now they need names. Thus far, here are some of my ideas:

a.Abelard and Heloise
b.Paolo and Francesca
c.Kim and Kanye
d.Tristan und Isolde
e.Liz and Dick

Dec 20, 2014

A Very Fanny Christmas

"Mincemeat, The Cinderella of Christmas Cooking."
I'm promptly incorporating "dour little things" and "lashings of mincemeat" into my vocabulary as soon as I see the opportunity.

I love how she has "Sarah, my dear Sarah" in a housecoat, while she is in full drag. 
Role model.

Dec 14, 2014

let's go for a walk!

Yesterday, some friends and I took a little walk to the record store.

(why yes, you did read that right. And yes, it is 2014. 

I think.) 

Anywho, like any such quixotic quest, it was absolutely fraught with danger.

Walking through Bywater on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, addled by one too many bloody marys, we seemed to encounter horror after horror:

Rudolph prepared for a Christmas sacrifice.
The cactus of the severed heads of Santa

Scary Claus

Something scarier still.  You just know she's the mastermind behind Rudolph's death.
Thank Santa for small miracles

And big cocks

Dec 7, 2014

A page rom the NIHG Wishbook 2014

A. The Man muff: for those Dr. Zhivago nights
B.Sweaters for Bottoms
C.Fanfares, for a moving experience!
D.Lighter, for when you want to be hit
E.Purses, for when you need to hit a  bitch
F. Kaftans, for when you need more Kaftans
What do you want from Santa?

Dec 2, 2014

FMK: The "how to have style" edition

1.Blaine: professional aerobicizer/semi-professional accessorizer
2.Calvin: fashion designer/ Walmart stocker
3.Walter: Accountant/Dominatrix