Sep 27, 2014

signs, signs.....everywhere a sign.

 Life down here is hard, y'all! 

I  mean, I can't even walk out of the house without ugly men flirting with me. 
Heck, even the feminists are cuter
Even the dogs are cuter.

It's enough to drive a soul to drink, but, well, even that's too difficult...ahem

Heck, even "Latrina's lounge" seems closed.   I guess I'll have to "lounge" in my own "Latrina" now.

And then, on the way home, I'm forced to ponder painful, difficult questions.

Sep 16, 2014

FMK: The Bad Hair Edition

"Be Cool" Brian

"It's Real" Richard

"Body Glitter" Bobby

So, who would YOU?

Aug 25, 2014

thought for the day*...

you know, the kind in which 
you get your stupid little heart broken.

Aug 17, 2014

House Horrors International

I saw this today on a friend's facebook page, and thought I'd spread the horror around.
It helps the pain, I think, when you witness something this traumatic, to have others subjected to it
with you. 

That's what I've always found.

It's like a midwestern Versailles, re-imagined in high Olive Garden "Tuscan" style.

So. Much. Brown.

 If you'd like to subject yourself to more pain, you can go here.

From the article itself:
"If the world's worst designers got together to make a showhouse, it might look something like this four-bedroom, five-bathroom house in Indianapolis. There seem to be so many rooms that the listing's mention of 1,540 square feet seems highly suspect, and no single word can describe its aesthetic. But the bedrooms with multiple beds, the overabundance of stonework, and the Holiday Inn-style balconies almost make sense considering that the home's owner was Jerry A. Hostetler, who the local newspaper describes as an "almost-famous pimp-turned-construction mini-magnate."