Jul 1, 2015


Today is the birthday (70th) of the divine Debbie herself, and I feel I'd be remiss without honoring her.
Here's one of her later, under-appreciated songs (with a rather bizarre video)

Jun 26, 2015


This is a wonderful day!

And my first thought is joy, especially for the couples I know.
I think of people like Edie and Thea.   This here is real love, people.

But maybe I'm just greedy, I just hope it leads to something more.
I mean I can't help but think about the rest of the world. So many people are in danger of death for being gay.
I feel like a Debbie Downer even writing this, but it weighs on my mind whenever gay marriage is mentioned.

Of course, more petty of me is the fact that if I were to get married, I'd be promptly fired.  Somehow that's still legal.

Even more pettily, ain't nobody wanting to date me around here....let alone marry me.
But I digress..

I'm happy for the explosion of rainbows and expressions of love all over the internet today.
 I just hope it's the beginning of more.

Jun 24, 2015

vocabulary lesson

I don't know, I'm feeling pretty darn Exulansis-ish lately. How about you?