Oct 18, 2014

Let's take a drive to the Lake...

The lighthouse

My ship, not coming in

Shelter for Number 1

My ship STILL not coming in dammit

Shelter (for Number 2?)
Something you will not find at Shelters 1 or 2  (but after doing a shameless hairpin U-Turn you might manage to barely avoid killing yourself and snap a surreptitious picture of)

Oct 11, 2014

annus horribilis

So, these past 12 months have been an Annus horribilis (with apologies to the queen)

("Anus horribilis", on the other hand, is, I think, a low budget porn starring some Czech boy with a pocketbook and a tiara, isn't it?
 Well, at least it ought to be.)

But I digress.
Let's just say, these past 12 months have sucked.

This year has seen the death of one of my very closest friends (at age 37) from cancer.....the anniversary of which is in a few weeks.  Not a day goes by I don't think about him.
Meanwhile, another of my very best friends is battling the later stages of  ALS (at 47).  I can't even tell you how heartbreaking it is to watch from afar as he succumbs rapidly to this brutal disease. It weighs on my mind 24/7.

I realize poignantly that this makes my own little troubles look pretty petty, but, well, they're there just the same:   two very scary trips to the E.R., time spent in the hospital myself, my mother's most recent health scare (resolving itself, praise jesus), and most especially, a break up with by the man I found myself foolishly in love with ....oh, and two flat tires...oh, and one chipped tooth.

(That'll teach me for buying unpitted olives)

The good things of the past few months (and there are some, somewhere, I'm sure) I have to keep close to my heart, like a life preserver, just to keep from drifting into the big black hole of depression.  I do a fairly good job of it, but lemme tell you, it's been a bitch lately.

Oct 9, 2014

God speed, sweet Jan

I don't know about you all, but how I loved me some Jan Hooks! Truly saddened to hear about her passing today. I'd been wondering where she was just not long ago. Here's just one of my favorite characters of hers:

merry halloween-mas!

yes, it's that time of year again