Aug 16, 2007

bringing Betty back

I've mentioned her before, but she's worth mentioning again.

It's an ok song...but who's just wonderful to have the legendary
Betty Wright back. Thank you, Angie Stone.

But now on to some classic Betty.
This is a clip of a homemade video of Richard (Dimples) Fields' "She's Got Papers on Me" featuring Betty.
(By the looks of this slightly creepy montage, it looks like someone has a little too much time on his hands (no, not me)....and maybe a bit of an obsession.)
I tried to listen to it without fast forwarding to Betty's legendary rap at the end, but I couldn't do it. Can anyone, really?
And of course, I have to roll my neck and rap along with her too....
Try not to. I dare you.

"Now take your little albums and your little raggedy component set...that never worked...and you can scat! You heard me?!"

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