Aug 1, 2007

unhot 100

Recently, AfterElton put forth a
list of "Hot 100" men, chosen, of course, by the resident experts on these things, the gays.

There's a lot of gay-friendly filler in there (TR Knight, cast members of the forgotten Queer as Folk), but the rest seems made up with the standard People Magazine Most Beautiful-type stock.

Anyway, here's a short list of some famous "hot" men that just for one reason or another don't do it for me:

Pitt? I grant that he's good looking, but there's nothing really "sexy" about him to me.


DiCaprio? Never did see the fascination with him.

Depp? Again, his attraction has always been lost on me. Sorry.

Damon? I don't even think he's really all that good looking. He seems nice enough I suppose.

Hartnett? I don't get it. Frankly, not to be catty, but he's bordering on unattractive even.

So, who's a supposedly "hot" actor that you just not get the allure of?


Vincent said...

You hit on the big ones for me too. I *really* don't see what people see in Depp. He's cute, but he ruins it with the cheesy mustache and that god awful hair. Blech. I'm trying to think of some others now.

Silly Monkey said...

Who ARE all those men on that list? I don't know 75% of them? And one (Cillian Murphy) I thought was a woman.

I'm glad to see a few Heroes and Lost guys made the list. And Ben Browder! :)

I definitely find Depp hot. And Pitt.

DiCaprio? Gag!

Okay, what about Tom Cruise? I've never seen the big deal with him. Although he's not on the list.

But B. D. Wong IS? LOL. Ooookay.

I don't get the big deal with McCaughnehey(sp.), Damon, Hartnett, along with Timberlake, Orlando Bloom, and Ryan Phillipe (sorry, Msh).

Interesting list though.

Miss Janey said...

Although he's a good actor, Matt Damon is NOT hot. He's not even good-looking. In fact, sorry- he's the FUG. Josh Harnett is a snore in every way. Brad Pitt in "Thelma & Louise" , tho... those sweaty abs... THAT was some HOTNESS.

nulla tabella said...

I never understood what made so adored and famous, Richard Gere. I always find him mediocre as an actor and totally common as for his physical appearence. One of Hollywood mysteries. McCoughnehey is another total talentless -lets say- actor. What bothers me is that there are brilliant actors and we ended to see every day everywhere all the pointless existences like the above.

jason said...

well, welcome nulla tabella.
I completely agree.