Aug 17, 2007

when will it end?

Yet another senseless murder in the murder capital of the US

By Daniel Monteverde and Brendan McCarthy Staff writers
A brooding man sat on a blue barstool Wednesday at Pal's Bar, a Mid-City neighborhood joint where, as usual, a dozen or so people drank and swapped stories.

During an 8 p.m. shift change, a bartender told co-owner Linda Novak that the man "gave her the creeps."

An hour later, the man stood up without a word, whipped out a knife and slashed the stranger next to him. Then he walked methodically toward the door, grabbed a woman, another stranger, and fatally slit her throat.

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Pal's is a cool place...(owned by Taylor Hackford's and Helen Mirren's (step)son, by the way.) I've been there several times. It's only a few hundred feet from my home.
It's just really sad.

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Silly Monkey said...

OMG, how sad. :( And how NOT shocked I am. That's even sadder.