Aug 11, 2007

gone with the Air

The other day, on my way to cross the bridge, I noticed something sad.
Twiropa was being leveled.
It had stood abandoned since Katrina; its big garage doors boarded up with plywood still spray painted with the ubiquitous "Don't Loot, We Shoot" warnings.
Now it's completely leveled. There's nothing there but rubble.

Oddly, I see that their website is still up and running, like the Flying Dutchman...which is even sadder for some reason.

I only went there perhaps four or five times. The bar made from a plane wing was pretty cool, I remember. One visit was, of course, for a showing of "Grey Gardens," but I think the most memorable was to see Air. Thombeau's mention of Air down there made me think about it. (Here's the poster for that very concert, by the way, I found someone trying to sell)

It was a pretty great concert, despite not so great acoustics. Anyway, here's a video of Air,
doing arguably their most popular song:

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Well said.