Aug 20, 2007


The other day, digging around in my childhood closet, I found these magazines... (there were a few NME's too, but they were too large to fit on the scanner)
All were ordered directly from England.

Can you figure out the common denominator?
(hint: it's a clue to an embarrassing fixation of my adolescence.)


mrpeenee said...

Sassy hair-dos?

jason said...

I said "embarrassing" fixation, Mr. Peenee.
I'm not at all embarrassed by my sassy hairdo fixation. I'm out and proud of that one.

mrpeenee said...

Thinking about Duran Duran whilst touching yourself?

jason said...

whilst trying to get my hair as sassy as theirs?

Nope, good try though...but no cigar.

Silly Monkey said...

Flock of Seagulls?

Silly Monkey said...

Or guys who look like women?

jason said...

There's no, Flock of Seagulls listed there,
you silly monkey.

(but your second guess is almost near the truth actually.)

mrpeenee said...

I know, I know! They're all lesbians! Jason is a lesbian! I'm a lesbian!

jason said...

Mr. Peenee...don't I wish!
They have the coolest houses, don't you know?

thombeau said...

Obviously you were a huffer. But a hairspray addiction can be overcome!

Silly Monkey said...

Oh, that's Howard Jones. I thought it was the Flock of Seagulls guy.

Okay, you liked transsexuals?


Did you go through a "Brandon" phase where you liked "Chicks with dicks"?

Yeah, lesbians DO have nice houses, don't they? At least the ones I've seen. Wait, I did know one messy, no-style new lesbian. Maybe she hadn't been a lesbian long enough.

jason said...


And no, Jason... as tranny looking as Howard Jones and Nick Rhodes may look, that's not it either :)

the answer is in the articles....much more mundane...and embarrassing for that matter.

mrpeenee said...

Sorry, I just realized that queen is wearing a CHINTZ BLAZER. With shoulder pads. And a mullet. Is that your embarrasing fixation - tragic fashion choices? Darling, we've all been there. Just look at thombeau.

I'm sticking with my lesbian vote. They do have nice houses, don't they?

Silly Monkey said...

In the articles? Well, did you scan the whole magazine for us? ;) Or is it on the cover?

You were obsessed with winning a free trip to Australia?

You wanted to get naked and paint yourself and then roll all over guys who look like girls?

So will you ever tell us if we don't guess?

Wait! I know. YOU wanted to be a tranny?

jason said...

The answer, Silly monkey, is both on the covers, and in the post up there titled "the answer."

And no, I had no desire to be a Tranny. It takes me too long to get dressed as it is.

no milk said...

i was in love with roger taylor of duran duran during this phase of my life. the other was jon moss of culture club. shhhh don't tell anyone.

Angel with a crooked halo said...

Stumbled on your amazing blog and when I found this post I burst into laughter- that picture of Nick Rhodes!! I remember Tammy Gaudette almost lost all of her hair trying to keep up with him each time he dyed his! Oh- and the ultimate embarrassment- Mrs. Bishop calling out my book report on a Tiger Beat biography of Andy Taylor as childish in 8th grade! Thanks for the memory jog!