Dec 26, 2011

les femmes de Paris

This bitch

Screw the Mona Lisa. This glamorous creature at the airport has it all over the her.
Sorry for the bad photo, I think her frosted eyeshadow caused my flash to glare.

Sarah Bernhart.
(Sadly we couldn't find Sandra Bernhard's tomb. Dommage).

Poor dear Edith

the Nike of Samothrace.

(Of course I had to recreate this scene from "Funny Face" in my head, saying "take the piktcha!, take the piktcha!"
but alas, no one got it.

the Venus de Milo

the Femme de Psycho

Real life geisha on the Champs-Élysées.

I aspire to be her one day.

None other than Carine Roitfeld at a movie premiere! Carlos and I both squealed with elation on seeing her. We tried to explain, but the other two didn't know. I felt extra gay.Ran into Cathy on the Seine.
So gracious.

Dec 20, 2011

"Settle Down" Kimbra

I'm liking this gal.

Dec 14, 2011

thought for the day

*After a week's worth of 11 hour workdays.... I'm beat. ahem

Dec 8, 2011

overheard 6 p.m.

Woman in front of me at Mcdonald's drive through:

"Yeah, I need three number ones."

Drive through cashier:

"What would you like to drink with that?"

"I want a sweet Tea, a diet coke and a Sprite."

"Will that complete your order?"

", wait....I want no mynez on one of them number ones,
no cheese on one of them too....oh and no bandaids.

oh lawd...lissen to me....I mean no pickles." (giggles)

"Will that complete your order?"

"Oh, wait...yeah, can you put the one with the no mynez in the bag with the
Sprite, the one with the no pickles on it in the bag with the....Diet Coke and the one with the no cheese in the bag with the...with the...sweet tea?


"Thank you, drive up to the next window."

Love story

Dec 4, 2011

Merry Karlmas

While in Paris, we saw that the Christmas windows at Printemps were up....

And nothing's more festive than swarms of little Karl Lagerfeld marionettes,

On the plane

Dec 1, 2011

Paris Romance

My new lover (Diet Coke's chicer Parisienne cousine) and I in Paris.

Where we first met, with crepes, behind Notre Dame.
It was love at first kiss.

Coke Light au Louvre.

Coke Light, gazing down at Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower (5 euros! expensive bitch)

Coke Light at Versailles (she dressed in low heels for the occasion)

At Pere Lachaise

Oops. How'd that get in here?!
It was just one time, darling.
It meant nothing, I swear!!!!