Aug 15, 2007

it's official

I took myself to see Stardust today.
It was all right, nothing great, but in the two or so hours I sat there I cemented a crush on its star, Charlie Cox.
Yes, I have an official (slightly inappropriate) crush.
I feel like a 16 year old (girl)... again.

After a bit of research, I realized that I'd seen all of his major films, "The Merchant of Venice," "Casanova," and now, "Stardust." I hadn't planned it, but I have.
He's terribly cute, of course, but more than that he seems genuinely sweet, or maybe he's just a a very good actor. (Somehow I think the former's more true than the latter.)


mrpeenee said...

But what about Robert De Niro wearing cancan skirts? I can't wait, and now that I've seen how cute Charlie is, I'm really revved up for it.

jason said...

Actually, (other than Charlie, of course) I think
Robert De Niro was the best part of the whole film.

thombeau said...

Ooh, do I see a little hair on his chest? That makes me very happy!

jason said...

Lord have mercy, Thom, don't get me started....
But yes, you do.

Silly Monkey said...

He's cute. I've never heard of him. Do you have posters of him on your bedroom wall? Do you write "Jason heart Charlie" in your notebook? You do, don't you? ;)

jason said...

Poster on the wall?