Aug 19, 2007

from the creepy department of Craigslist

Prgenant Woman at Saturday "Underdog" Movie - m4w

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Date: 2007-08-19, 7:36AM CDT

HI I hope you are a "Missed Connections" reader. You are in the mid to late 2nd tri-mester of pregnancy, and are "drop dead beautiful", heart stopping "pretty".
I looked to see if you were wearing any type of "ring" and you were'nt.

We briefly had eye contact and a little smile exchanged between us, you were with a sister or your very young looking mother and a child. I was with my daughter.

I am single and hope you are too. Dinner, coffee, or anything you want for a "get to know each other" type of meeting.

I hope Cupid is working on this, lol.

Location: Kenner


The whole "Prgenant" fetish thing is crazy enough, but don't even get me started on the use of quotation marks.


Silly Monkey said...

LOL. My thought exactly! As I was reading, I kept wondering why things like "ring" and "pretty" were in quotes.

I hate to break the news to this guy but many pregnant women remove their rings because their fingers swell.

mrpeenee said...

I always appreciate people who use punctuation decoratively. What are quote marks but fringe for publication anyway?

Miss Janey said...

Wouldn't it be "rad" if they "hooked up"? Someone, anyone- "write" that script!