Aug 7, 2007

what not to knit.

Completely. Utterly. Sick.
(But of course I had to save it.)

Not sure where it's from, probably a McCall's Magazine from Hell.


Silly Monkey said...

You mean you actually saved a hard copy of this from somewhere?

It can't be American. We're too uptight to be knitting naked costumes.

jason said...'s from the internet...but I'm still not sure where.

You might just be right about it being European.
I wonder if there's knitted underarm hair for the wife?

nolageek said...

The dad has a nice um, ... nevermind.

Silly Monkey said...

. . .and the daughter's PLAYING WITH IT!

Michael Guy said...

That pic makes me itch. And not in good places.

thombeau said...

This is very wrong.

Анка (Петракович Анна) said...

фу извращенцы