Aug 24, 2007

More AM gold

It's funny how tangents work.
A conversation with Michael tonight about M.C. Lyte (among other things) led me to remember another great
song, the original on which her "Poor Georgie" was based.

Georgy Porgy by Toto. I love this song.


thombeau said...

OMG I used to LOVE this album!

You know that's Cheryl Lynn singing back-up, right? And the entire band backed Boz Scaggs on his classic "Silk Degrees" album.

Oooh, thanks for taking me back to a time and a place!

jason said...

You're a man of impecable taste, so I'm not surprised. :)

I am well known (and ridiculed a bit) for my *love* of Boz Scaggs.

And I had no idea it was Cheryl Lynn! How cool!
Don't even get me started on how much I love her.

thombeau said...

Jason, you totally RULE!

I've recently rediscovered Boz Scaggs' "Down Two Then Left" album, which I loved in the seventies but now love even more. It's fabulous!

Have you heard his "But Beautiful" disc? It's all standards, but not done in a lame Rod Stewart way. Rather, it's with a small and excellent jazz combo. Boz uses his voice like a horn. It is one of the best real jazz albums I've heard in a long time. I love it!

Cheryl Lynn! What a voice on that girl! That first album was DA BOMB (I was hitting the discos then, for better or worse!). Also, oddly enough, "Got To Be Real" was a big hit the same time as the Jonestown tragedy, so I always link those two together. I know, I'm nuts.

Did you know that "Got To Be Real" was the song that was supposed to open the movie "Boogie Nights"? The record company wanted too much money, so the director opted for the Emotions "Best of My Love", and the rest is history...

See what happens when you open my Pandora's Box of Useless Trivia???

(For some reason, yours is the only blog where I leave comments this long! Really!)

jason said...

I have not heard Boz Scagg's new cd!
I'm very intrigued. Thanks!

I remember looking on youtube a while back for some clips of him and finding one of him live from 76 or so doing Lowdown with Toto backing him. I thought it was just a fluke...a special occasion.
I had no idea they were
And Ms Lynn's "To Be Real" is perhaps my favorite song....definitely in the top of the list.
It's one of those songs I can't hear without...attempting at sing (loudly and badly)