Jun 26, 2012

Lonnie Liston Smith and The Cosmic Echoes

I'm still too tired by homework to write much of anything here now....so I'm posting music no one will listen to....but I heard this on the radio today and was transfixed.
Came home and did some laborious internet searching to find it.
(And did!)

Disco jazz flutes, people!
Need I saw more???

Jun 21, 2012


I've been busy lately....in the midst of a dreadful class....with lots of horrible homework.
In the meantime, here are some throwback jams.....one you think you've heard, but you probably haven't.
I know I hadn't. 

I've always said, that if I could be a woman, I'd like to be Sade.
Wouldn't that be great?
Think of how much fun it would be to order at the drive thru with that voice.

Oh, and this one.

I used to have a cassingle (!) of this.
Alas, it was swept off in the storm.
Damn you, Katrina!

Jun 16, 2012

thought for the day


Let's take a trip to Big Lots...

on a Friday afternoon, where you will always be the youngest person there by twenty years...no matter how old you are.
Oh, ma'am....I'd advise you to steer clear of the giant beans if I were you.

uh oh, too late.
Why yes, it *is* a cauliflower sheep. You know you've always wanted one.
A pouch for your "Swim Trunk's" Why you would need a pouch for your "Swim Trunk" and what your swim trunk might possess, I'm not sure, however.
Roasted pepper spread from Bulgaria? We got it.

Gay black boy dolls? We got that too. Take that Ken. This is Darren, from Barbie's "S.I.S." collection. I'm not even making this up.
A first grade English workbook in the book section. 
Let's see if I can do this: Appolonia, Barbie, Chase... Wait, where's Vanity? Did she get expelled again?

Jun 12, 2012

meditations on fast food

Today, at lunch, I was starving. I went to a Popeyes...which is surprisingly unusual. I stand there waiting and waiting for someone to maybe stop talking and maybe even greet me. Seems Queesha had quite a night last night.
No one does. So I leave.

 On the way out I hold the door open for a man marching right back in with his food, presumably the wrong food. "Good luck to him," I think.

Next, I drive to Mcdonald's, but there is not a single space in which to park. None.
 What are they serving there? Crack?
 I drive a bit further, about to faint with hunger.

 Oh yes, there's a Burger King...but that's always a sad little place, oh well, at least there's a place to park.

 I get in line.
My cashier is a 60 something white lady with nicotine colored hair and a voice to match. She barks at the small elderly Hispanic man in front of me:
 "Can I take your order?"

He holds up his finger to show a one and the other to show a four.
 "Can I take your order?" she repeats gruffly.
 He points to the number 4 more emphatically.

 "Can I take your order?" she repeats more loudly.

 "I think he wants a number 4," I tell her.
"You want a number four? Or four number ones?" She asks.
He points again to the number 4.
I repeat what he wants.
She asks again, more rudely still: "Can I take your order?"

He walks away, upset.
She seems happy he's left.
 I'm pissed.
I watch him walk across the highway to who knows where.

 As I eat my lonely little burger, with nothing better to do, I listen to the orders.
 Just about everyone who orders begins with "I need..."
"I need a number 1, no cheese, no pickle...." and so forth.
"Need"? Really?
I've never paid attention to this before.
I always preface my order with "I'd like..."
I mean I certainly don't *need* a Whopper Jr.
I'm not even sure I'd *like* it...but it seems the better thing to say.

Jun 10, 2012

Sometimes, briefly....

I forget I live in Louisiana. Until the daily monsoons and dead snakes in the theater parking lot remind me again.

thought for the day*

*happy 90th, Judy. How will you be celebrating?

Jun 9, 2012

Seven things I...um...like *still* don't have

1.to cut out my Gilda Radner paper dolls
2.To become the strong, liberated, independent woman of the 70s I know I can be.
3.To regret
4.to cool off and go back in time
5.to undress
6.to advertise
7.to get the hell out of here

Jun 6, 2012

recent celebrity sightings

Debbie Harry: performing in the toilet brush 
section of Big Lots
Priscilla Presley: Getting botox at TJ Maxx
Alexis Carrington Colby: about to bitchslap someone 
at Tuesday Morning

Jun 3, 2012