Aug 7, 2007

tales from the trenches (part 2400?)

I realize what follows is repetitive, but that's the point I suppose.

So, this guy I met a while back still hasn't responded to an email I'd sent two weeks ago.
After our second date I waited a few days and thanked him for it. He wrote back that he was busy. I waited a few days and wrote back...and that's where it ends.
I purposefully haven't mentioned my meeting of him to anyone until now, for fear of jinxing what seemed like a real possiblity. Now, I guess it's not.
I really liked him too.

Aaaaaaaaanyway, the day before yesterday, in a pique of desperation (but I think pretty well masked), I went again on the offensive. Better to get back up on the horse again than moping around, I thought, right?

Naively, I responded to three ads online in the past week. One hasn't even looked at my profile. One took a look and never responded, and the one I wrote to this morning has just sent this in response to my complimenting of his ad:

"Hi, Thanks for the note. Good luck to you."

Now that's pretty much the nicest kiss-off you can expect to get.

I also foolishly renewed an old ad I had once placed. All full of eagerness this morning, I open my mail to find a response from this guy. Today he responds again...this time with a snide commment about me renewing my ad. I suppose it bothers him that I'm trying again. Who knows? By the way, despite it all, I've never said anything but nice things to him, in what little communication I had. I really don't understand why someone would take the time out to comment on my renewal of an ad. If you're not interested, leave it alone. Why be snide? I don't understand.

After nearly twenty years of this sort of thing, I'm amazed I have any self esteem left, I really am.
But I have to say, what little I do have is wearing pretty thin.


Miss Janey said...

Jason, darling, people are snide because they are insecure a-holes! If you think your esteem has worn thin, well, sugar- theirs is TRANSPARENT. Be glad you don't have to meet them in PERSON. ugh. And hang in there, sweetie. Not all the good ones are taken. Someone WORTHY will happen along one of these days!

jason said...

thank you, Miss Janey.
I really did need
to hear that.

Breezy said...

I agree with Miss Janey. I couldn't have said it better.