Aug 5, 2007

The Long Hot Summer...

I've loved this song (Style Council's "The Long Hot Summer") for 20 years or so, but I didn't realize that there was a video until just a few months ago. Thanks (?) youtube.

The other day Vincent mentioned that he'd downloaded some Style Council based on something I'd written, and that he liked them, so I thought I'd dredge this video up and put it here.

It deserves to be seen.
It's kind of a sad song, but the video makes me laugh outloud.

Back then I used to think Paul Weller was gay....but then I realized that he was just British...all evidence (this notwithstanding) points to him being straight.

But this video, it's too queer for words.

One of the commentators writes this about it:

"this was a piss take, terrace lads were wearing this sort of gear."

which I don't understand, but somehow it sums it up pretty well.


Silly Monkey said...

Okay, that was pretty humourous. Hard to believe they are straight. I've never heard that song.

Okay, I'm dying for a translation of that guy's comment. I looked it up, and I found reference to terrace lads organizing piss ups(?)

Gotta love those Brits.

Silly Monkey said...

a piss-take (British & Australian, very informal!)
take the piss - to make a joke about someone or to make someone look silly. Have I really won or is this a piss-take?

Learn something new every day.

nolageek said...

Interesting. Every night I generally spend a few minutes or hours (depending on how busy I am) on Wikipedia on some topic. Tonight, I was reading about Dexys Midnight Runners and where most of the various members have gone to. One of them, Mick Talbot "went on to enjoy greater success with Paul Weller (The Jam) in The Style Council". No wonder I like TSC, there's a Dexys connection. :)

laura petrie said...

Back then I used to think Paul Weller was gay....but then I realized that he was just British...

This is hilarious -- I love to start my day with a laugh!

Dave said...

Weird, I've been sort of rediscovering the Style Council lately. I remembered being strangely excited by this video when I was 14 but could never remember the name of the song. Thanks for making my evening.