May 21, 2015


Just a few of the uses I've seen around town for wayward Mardi Gras beads
decorating the railings
Decorating the palm trees
discouraging hipsters
Filling in potholes

May 20, 2015

true colors

I'm thinking of painting my room.
Not sure which color yet.
Moral Ambiguity Gray or Anal Bleach perhaps?

May 19, 2015

If You Were Born Today

Today I stumbled upon
 Time Magazine's "Find Out What Your Name Would Be If You Were Born Today"
It takes the relative popularity of your name in the year you were born and matches it with a name of the same popularity for various decades.

To my horror, apparently my name today would be the abomination:
 Kayden? WTF

This sounds like something one of the Kardashians is probably going to name her 3rd grandchild.

Anywho, here's a list of the other decades, none of which are terribly inspiring, but all
better than Kayden:
2000s =Mario
1990s =Hector
1970s= Greg
 ... Gwynne played the role of Herman Munster on the TV comedy The Munsters

 Clifton Webb

Thankfully, it seems my name in the1890s would be
the much sexier "Sylvester"
At last a name I can get behind.

Sylvester - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real by klmbaby

May 16, 2015

Recently seen....

In the discount aisle at Walmart.
Hmm....looks like someone is planning a hot date night

May 9, 2015

just jealous

I used to walk by this house all the time when I lived uptown, I used to dream about the day I'd own it myself.

You know, after I climbed the ladder of success and did a full Diana Ross on my former girl group sisters, to become an international R and B sex symbol/superstar.

Meanwhile, seems some trifling-ass basic bitch and her husband or whatever have beat me to it.


May 6, 2015