Jan 30, 2016

discount corner

While shopping for beads the other day,
I happened upon the Confederate flag/Gay pride section.
Both on sale, half off.          I wonder why?  

Jan 24, 2016


It's that time of the year...when giant penises parade though the streets.

Yes, it's the beginning of carnival already.

Jan 20, 2016

Things that Actually Exist...

(Recently seen)

a. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil...for Kids.

b. Scented Duck Tape, for the tape sniffers in your life

c. The Lego Presidential Assassination collection, for the budding sociopath
d.The "One Hundred Percent 'Murican" Party pack (rebel flag beer koozie not included)
e. George Burns doll, for the 80 year old little girl in all of us.
f. See illustration D

Jan 18, 2016

This weekend's itinerary:

1. Blind date
2.Carnival Ball
3.Root Canal

Still trying to decide which one was worse.

(But don't you just love my dental hygienist's new scrubs?)

Jan 3, 2016

We Four Queens.....

So, while glancing at a leftover Christmas gift bag, I noticed that there was an extra "King" in the background of the Nativity scene.

Then I noticed the lovely earring and eye shadow...oh, and his cute young thing in ermine.
I guess this is Balthazar's um..."special friend".

Wonder what fabulous fourth gift they brought to the Christ child?