Jan 29, 2013

Jan 28, 2013

A Royal Affair

This weekend, I took in a matinee of a lovely Danish movie called En Kongelig Affære.
It's all about Danish history.

In Danish.

It was good enough. A compelling story with adequate acting. But I'll watch anything with a costume, so there I was.

 I was by far the youngest soul in the audience.

Their collective (audible) disapproval could be heard the first moment a subtitle came up.
  They had no clue. "Oh good god, I can't see all that!" the 80 year old harrumphed in front of me to her home health nurse. And then fumbled in her pocketbook for her glasses.
  "Why can't they just speak English?"
  Then her Jitterbug went off...and she answered it. (In English.)

A few seats to my right sat the Queen of Carnival, 1949 (or so I imagine),
She was holding court, kissing the cheeks of all those who recognized her.

She was a well coiffed patrician woman in a well made pantsuit...(complete with her Queen of Carnival pin)...and a well made nose. She had a very obvious, old school nose job, with tiny pinched, upturned nostrils. Perky, like Doris Day.

 Anyway, this is not a post about nose jobs...or old ladies...or movies.

It's about cute men. So let's get to the point, shall we?
This is Madds Mikkelsen.
He's Danish.
He plays the Rousseauian doctor with whom the queen has her affair.
Did I mention he's hot?

Of course, once home, I promptly googled up pictures of him shirtless...and old school nose jobs.
I'll spare you the latter.
Voila! (or however you say that in Danish)

You're welcome.

Jan 26, 2013

shopping safari

Ornaments for your next Mermen themed Christmas  (@ French quarter)
The official American ™ dolphin t-shirt.....for when you need to take a stand against the  illegal dolphin immigration that's ruining this great country of ours! (@ Walmart)
Obesity Tea for when you need to  diarrhea  diet (@ Latin Market)

Literature...for when you want to learn to be gay  (@ the homosexual aisle of Dollar Tree)
The pocket hose, for when you want a hose...in your pocket (@  Target)
Jane Russell cd for when you want to be "pampered" (@ the adult diaper section of Big Lots)

Jan 25, 2013

Jan 21, 2013

thought for the day

House Hunters, Accidental

Yesterday, on a routine trip to Target, I got trapped by a Mardi gras parade.

They spring up around this time of the year when you least suspect them...and then
you find yourself trapped in traffic for hours.
Anyway, on my circuitous route out, I found myself deep in subdivisions I've never traveled. Spooky.

So, to keep myself occupied...I took some (bad) flip phone photo:

First up is this (now sadly rundown) beauty from the 70s.  Soaring vaulted ceilings, clad in weathered cypress.

The most amazing thing...the thing that made me literally turn the car around and take this photo, however....were the three story high full length vintage macrame drapes.  Macrame, people! Amazing.
Less showy was this (rather run down)  beauty from the early sixties. It looked like a plane ready to take off.

Also looking like it's just about to take off is this house.  Their car will NOT flood again, dammit.
Meanwhile, in a VERY different subdivision, a little bit of Jamaica 

Jan 17, 2013

a few of my new years resolutions


Be better groomed
Take up a new hobby.

Meet new people

Jan 15, 2013

shopping safari (ugly furniture edition)

First off, we need a few chairs.
Hmmm...let's see, which will it be?
1.the extra tall goth faux snakeskin?
2.or maybe the  hot pink latex set?

3. Or maybe the "Yes We Can" Sit on Obama's face /Homage to Democracy?

 Now for a sofa. Which should it be?
4. The faux leather "Tuscan" style with "brocade" accents?
5. or the brown polyester velvet behemoth with extra pillows?

 Lastly, no room is complete without a bit of art over the sofa:

6. "Old Woman Battling Giant Rabbit for Carrot"
7. or 'Adam and Eve in 'Avatar on Ice'"?

thought for the day

via tim

Jan 14, 2013

And the answer to...

who is our favorite financial advisor/born again football father is
none other than "John Pruitt".
Oh, what?

You mean you weren't obsessively scouring the internet for porn in the early 2000s, waiting ever so patiently for your dial up modem to download the image, centimeter by painful centimeter....
only to stop just before the goods?  
(Much just like I've had to criminally crop that last photo?)

Well I guess then you had a life.
Lucky you.
This is for the rest of us then:

Jan 11, 2013

guess who

As usual, in my never ending meanderings through the web, I stumble upon a photo which prompts the above question:
So, do you know who this successful financial advisor,  
a born again christian and 
father of a professional football player might be?

Jan 10, 2013

poetry man

The other day I was listening to NPR   and heard a bit of Robert Frost reciting his inaugural poem for JFK.
But that's not what the story was about.  
The story was really about this year's inaugural poem (only the fifth). It be composed by one "Richard Blanco".  I have to admit, I'd never heard of him before.

He's the first Latino poet to win this honor, and the youngest.
Oh, and he's gay.

So, being the curious superficial soul that I am, I promptly did an image search of him...and well....
I can't say the snippets of his work I've read are moving me, but, hello!... this picture is.
Hubba, huh?

Jan 7, 2013

A night with Miss Lupone

So I just got back from seeing the fabulous Miss Patti Lupone (accompanied by Seth Rudetsky.)

Now, except for maybe the anal sex I once had backstage with Judy Garland in drag while quoting Oscar Wilde, this was the gayest thing I've ever done.

I'm not a "theatre" gay by any stretch. Sorry. I missed that gene.
But my friend Dennis asked me to go, and, although it meant staying up late on a school night, I said, "sure, what the hell."
Anyway, she was fabulous. Very funny....and enthusiastic. There was no phoning it in with her.

 She brought down the house with hits from Evita, Les Miserables, Gypsy...all the hits, I guess...and a bunch of other shows I'd never heard of.

 I would have taken a photo, but I didn't want this to happen.

Ok, so maybe I would have LOVED for this to have happened.
Just not to me, you know.

Actually one of the best parts of her patter was about cell phone and camera abuse at the theater.
She's right. If you can't divorce yourself from technology for a few hours in a theater, then you've got a problem, don't you think? She even performed this song...almost as enthusiastically as she did back in the day on the Merv Griffin(!) show.

Answers (if you haven't already guessed)

F Scott Fitzgerald (aka "The Prettiest Girl in the World")

My beloved Edie
Uri Geller, renowned spoon bender

Omar Sharif Jr. (Senior is pictured here)
thank you for playing!

Jan 6, 2013

thought for the day

Guess who

Oft times I find myself doing the most random of google searches. I mean random.
And not even for porn.
Anywho...here are four very random photos I've stumbled upon of which you might not know the identities.

Actually, come to think of it, you might not know the identities of any of them, even after the answer.
But whatever....let's go!

A.Prettier than Myrtle
B.That's a razor, btw,  not a spoon
C. Post Miss Porter's
D.  Gay gay and more gay....and his daddy is also hot.

Jan 3, 2013

Happy 1913!

Well, I don't know how you all spent your New Year's eve, but I spent mine at Downton Abbey.
I'm only, like what, a decade or something late, right?
But whatever.
John had the boxed set from a friend, so I figured why not? It's cold outside anyway.

Somehow I'd never managed to see it, despite the countless commands of "you must!" from just about everyone I know.  
I'm a late adopter to everything....even life.
Again I digress.

Anyway, I sat still, for the most part entertained, for 6 hours or so....and then went to bed. 

A few unsolicited thoughts:

1. Why'd they have to make the gay one "evil" (or evil-ish)?
I mean really.
Not that I don't enjoy an evil gay, don't get me wrong.
It just strikes me the wrong way. Of course if they'd made him the chaste good boy, I'd be complaining here too, so I guess I'm a hypocrite.  Still.
     2. It's a bit Dynasty, isn't it?
         I mean, I don't mean that as a complaint...at all....but well....it just is.
3. the owner of the dvds posited the theory that DA and GWTW had more than a few parallels (Lady Mary being a sort of English Scarlett O'Hara). When I got to thinking about it, I think he might be onto something.  I mean that cook, Miss Patmore (?) seemed very Aunt Pittypat to me at least.

4. Charlie Cox! Oh dear. I had no idea he was in this.  I've had a crush on him since forever. I feel like I discovered him, even though I might be alone.  (Heck, I've been talking about him all the way back in 2007 and here again in 2009    and here again 
in 2010 )
Anyway, I was hooked as soon as I saw him in the first episode as the Duke of Earl or somewhatever. 
Then when he and gay Thomas went on into a bit of full on semi Mauriceing. Omg...that was almost as titillating for me as watching Dame Maggie deliver a withering glance. Hot.

(oh, and a quick googling turned up this...thanks to his post DA "fame". Praise Jesus for the internet)
5. Keeping with the theme of cute boys, the lovely Turkish gentleman looked more than a bit like a friend of mine.  (I know, right?!)

6. The Duke and the Dead Turk notwithstanding, I have to admit to hoping for a bit more eye candy, since the others leave me a bit cold. I don't know about y'all, but Thomas and Cousin Matthew are just not doing anything for me,sorry.
7. Yes, I'm just that shallow.