Aug 22, 2007

the answer (to life)

Ok, so here's the (embarrassing) common denominator of the magazines sent over from Blimey that I mentioned down there
I wish I could have found "Communication," but this will do.
It was all about the Brothers Kemp, back in the day for me. I was a bit fixated.

(Now, if only Tony Hadley would stop all that caterwauling)


mrpeenee said...

Spandau Ballet. Damn. That was going to be my next guess. Although, I claim my initial guess of "lesbians" is pretty close.

And I found this on Wikipedia "Recently Martin Kemp has become the face of SCS Sofas stores." I don't know what SCS Sofas might be, but this does not sound good.

What happened with the Renuzit cover?

jason said...

Lesbians,Spandau Ballet...
yes, you're right.
It's pretty much splitting hairs, isn't it?
Beautifully coiffed, hairspray coated hairs...

Hmmm....poor Martin. I had no idea.

Not sure what that means either.
I'm just hoping their not making leather couches out of his excess face skin, that's all.

And I think Gary Kemp is the face of Renuzit now, actually. How ironic.

jason said...


(why can't one edit a comment on this thing? argh!)

mrpeenee said...

"Gary Kemp is the face of Renuzit"

Pretty funny.