Jul 29, 2006

Back to New Orleans

So, it's been a year nearly that I've been without a home. A long year.
My birthday having just passed, I felt an even more pressing need to move....
a mania, even.

I've been looking for months, only to be repeatedly thwarted by outrageous prices or bad luck, but I've finally found a place to live.

Of course, it's not really where I wanted to live...it's even further north than my old place (which I hated about it), further away from everything. It's 175 dollars more a month than what I was paying before. It's a bit smaller.
The water pressure is nearly non-existent and the water, when it does show up, is full of rust.
And it has the two most hideous vintage 1970's Sears Window units I've ever seen.
How does one mask that??

But it is in a nice neighborhood (my friend Velinda lives nearby) and it's upstairs (no flooding?)....and it is a place to live.

It's near Bayou St. John, not far from City Park. So I've managed to barely scrape up the obscene (to me) amount money the landlord demanded, and should move in next month or so.

Of course, I'm insane....I have no job or anything, but well, let's deal with one problem at a time.

Jul 26, 2006

The birthday

So, the mother of all birthdays has passed.
For lunch on the big day, I went with my mother at a Vietnamese place....I had a fortune cookie. It read:
"Get another fortune cookie"
Just what a need, a smart-aleck fortune cookie.

So, I end up at dinner at a Chinese place. I eagerly open my fortune cookie...
only to find it empty.

You can't say God doesn't have a sick sense of humor, can you?

Jul 18, 2006

Ai yai yai

I remember reading once, that the world (at least the European world) could be divided up into two parts, those who say "ouch" instinctively upon being hurt and those who say "ai yai yai".
The former is Anglo, the later is Latin.

Despite my father's family, the Latin in me, it seems, is dominant.
Minutes ago, I instinctively let out an "Ai yai yai!!!!!" that would make any Frenchman proud.

An hour or so ago, after a weekend of merciless abuse by me, my feet decided to get their revenge.

All at once, without warning, I found myself sprawled on the concrete, face down, my foot having twisted into a horrible contortion under me.
I tripped down a flight of stairs in the darkness.

How I managed to get up and crawl back indoors I don't know. I'd be crying now, if it weren't for the icepack I have hastily made. Whether my foot is broken or not, I don't know. I hope it's not, since I have no insurance (or salary for that matter) right now.
I'm not sure what to do. Thank God for the internet, hopefully I can find some information there.

Jul 9, 2006


My ears are still feeling it.

My friend Dennis called me up the other day to ask if I'd like to go to St. Jude's (the church of the famous novenas of lost causes) for a free acupuncture session. I was hesistant. Actually, I didn't want to go at all.

I mean really, needles? Fun?
Unless heroin or something is involved, those two words don't go together, do they?
But just to be social, I went. (I wasn't driving, so I didn't have much choice either did I?)

The accupuncturists were part of a group called Accupuncturists Without Borders
(I'm not making this up,I swear). Much like Doctors without Borders, I assume, they travel around helping the disadvantaged.

We entered the church hall, which smelled of mold and rubbing alcohol. In the center, under the florescent lights was a circle sundry people sitting on folding chairs in absolute silence.

There were 4 twenty somethings, clearly not from here. (One can always tell). I guessed they were Common Grounders...members of a sort of post-Katrina "action" group. They were all very Peace Corp-ish looking, with fashionably shaggy hair and a vague gay vibe.
There were some older women (parishoners I suppose), us, and a few other oddlings, like the buxom, very tanned 30 something year old woman in short shorts, her bright hot pink painted toenails distracting me from a seat away.

The accupuncturists were a couple, very earnest and granola-ey, if that paints a picture. They very very quiet. The padded around the silent room checking up on each of us, smiling silently, the way you might expect a cult member to.

To my surprise, the needles hurt more than I expected them to. This was the consensus in fact. Everyone said the same thing, that they hurt more than we expected them to. It was a slight pain, but a pain just the same.

Before getting our own needles, we could see our peers

After having the 10 or so needles implanted in our ears, we sat silently for 30 minutes. I don't know if accupuncture helps or not, but sitting still for 30 minutes in complete silence is sure to help in one way or another. That was another consensus. The jury is still out on the accupuncture, but staring at hot pink toenails for 30 minutes is Zen.

Now if only those plastic surgeons I see on tv---you know, the ones who are always volunteering their services to the helpless harelips and Ebola victims in the jungle----come to town I'll be set.

Third wheeling

Tonight, I had dinner with a friend and his ex, as the perennial 3rd wheel. On the way home, I was complimented on my abilities as a "buffer." All I can say is that practice makes perfect. I've been third wheel all my life.

Third wheeling is bad enough, but it's 5th wheeling that's the worst. The two couples couple up and you're left to fend for yourself. Occasionally one of the mates will toss you a bone.
But not often.

Third wheeling can be just as bad, or sometimes not so bad. At its best it's illumiating. It feels like I'm in a Desmond Morris documentary sometimes, viewing the secret mating habit of higher primates.

It was a nice enough meal. The ex seemed much more low key than I had been lead to believe. I had never met him before, but I had heard a lot about him....all bad of course.

I notice that people have a tendency to exaggerate the traits of exes, to me...to others...but more likely to themselves too. That's probably part of why they are now exes.

Of course, he (the ex) was, as I had been lead to expect, "domineering" and very (my friend's words here) "alpha male," but not nearly as dramatically as I had been lead to expect. Yes, he seemed a bit extroverted to my tastes, but nice just the same.

On the way home, my friend, however, picked apart every last phrase the ex had said, point by point, to show me the subtle domineering and patronization that I might have missed.

I hadn't been paying attention to the subtleties of the conversation, but he had. He had reason to. I didn't. He was right of course, but it had all passed over my head. I guess it's impossible to keep such clueless objectivity in a relationship, but I wonder if it wouldn't help sometimes, you know?