Aug 20, 2009

You say papaya, I say pitaya...

The other day I got to talking to a nun, about fruit.

(Yeah, that sounded better in my head than it does here. )

Anyway, she's from Vietnam and asked if I'd ever had a pitaya.
(insert your own joke here)
I thought she was mispronouncing "papaya" and said, "sure."

Turns out I was wrong.
After hearing of the joys of jackfruit and the ecstasies of the durian and the rapture of the breadfruit, she told me she'd bring me a cutting of a pitaya plant, so today she did.
The fruit, she said, is especially delicious.

It's sometimes called a "dragonfruit" I see.

And so am I!
(ok, again that sounded better in my head than it does here...but, whatever, I'm leaving it.)

It's a strange cactus looking thing, but she insists that it can be trained to grow up into the waterfall shape you see down there.

We'll see how long it takes for me to kill it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We have that here in Portugal and we call it «Devil's Figs» (Figos do Diabo)...

It is funny that a nun likes them... he he he