Aug 30, 2009

damned hippies

Last night, in an effort to get my mind off of things, I took myself to see "Taking Woodstock". I was the only person in the theater on a Saturday night, so sad.

The movie itself was all right, but a bit disappointing. I think my main complaint is about Demetri Martin, the lead, who just bored me to tears. He's the weakest link to be sure. I especially loved the meeting he has with a couple of hippies in their van.

The movie didn't really take off until the actual concert part. The best parts were then, and Ang Lee, I think, did a great job with some of the visual effects. It was really beautiful at times.

I have only the vaguest memories of hippies. My parents were in their late twenties during the summer of love, and pretty square. I don't know many people of that generation, I don't think.

I remember once visiting a younger cousin of my mother. She lived somewhere near Pensacola. We stopped by on the way to a family vacation. I was very young. She had been a hippie, at least that's what my mother said, disdainfully.

She lived unmarried, near the beach, in an old moldy smelling house with her children, and lots of cats, making macrame and smoking pot and reading tarot. The whole place seemed dark, smokey and gloomy. Hippiedom by then was hopelessly passe, and it all just seemed kind of sad to me, even at that age.

It was nice to see it on the screen as it might have been, fresh and vital and exciting.


larry said...

i was in high school during woodstock. it was an exciting time while it lasted. maybe the fleeting aspect of it is sad now.

mrpeenee said...

It was a very fleeting moment, in some ways even shorter lived than disco. I graduated from high school four years after Woodstock and the sell-by date had already passed. Embarrassingly enough, I refused to let that stop me and tried to enbrace the life. What’s too painful to remember….

ayem8y said...

Lots of old hippies live and remain in Pensacola. The area also breeds and attracts new ones. I love a good firm hippie. I myself was an 80’s hippie with long shoulder length hair. More out of defiance against Reaganism and my Republican Baptist parents. Still am a bit of a rebel hippie I suppose.

Marshall said...

My parents were 31 (dad) and 23 (mom) during the Summer of Love. I asked them one time why they weren't hippies back then. I think my mom's exact words were, "We were too busy dealing with YOU." I was born March 1967, with my sister born May 1968.

Silly Monkey said...

Beach, cats, children, macrame...sounds nice to me. :)

JUSTIN said...

Demetri Martin bores the shit out of me too.

Oh, and speaking of hippy's, I'll be surrounded by them tonight! It's minor penalty to endure to see Widespread Panic!

Salty Miss Jill said...

My father rues the day he went to work rather than joining friends to go to "a concert in New York, known as Woodstock".
I kind of want to see this movie. Based on your review, I just might. :)