Aug 16, 2009

happy birthday, Julia!

Last night, thanks to Carlos's planning, Carlos, Marshall, Julie, Debbie and I went to Bayona. We had a meal in celebration of Julia Child's 97th birthday.

Thankfully, Julie offered to drive, since my parallel parking skills are notoriously bad. On the way to the restaurant we took a bit of a detour, by accident, and I caught glimpse of a fabulous ass parading down the sidewalk in coochie cutters and a baby blue tube top. She was walking far too well in high heels to be a biological woman. I could tell that much.

Surely enough, when she turned around to flirt, I could see the adam's apple gleaming in the street light. Trailing behind her were two young thug types, practically panting. Can't say I blame them. She had it going on.


(actual dining room)
It was a four course meal of Julia-inspired dishes. We all had the Veal Orloff, which I'd never had before. I had heard of it centuries ago, by way of Julia herself no doubt, but never had had it.

(not a very accurate approximation at all)

It was wonderful, much better looking than this. Most of us had crepes with cheese and ham as the appetizer. Marhsall and Julie had the liver mousse, which was described as "like wet cat food" more than once.
Oddly, that didn't seem to be a complaint. I had a salad of butter lettuce and a lemon/almond tart for dessert.

(reasonable facsimile)

All in all, a lovely meal.

As an added treat, we got to see local part-time resident Harry Shearer on his way out of the restaurant.

(as I would have liked him to look, but he didn't)

Julie had parked in a dubious parking spot, but near a fabulous trove of trash. I couldn't help but get excited. As I've mentioned before, I'm an inveterate trash thief. When I got a bit too excited, she had to calm me down with a stern warning, "I'm not letting you get fleas in my car!" So I didn't pick up anything...well, much.

There was a black tuxedo jacket on the top of the boxes, a mildewed print, a few dogeared copies of Details, some gold bullion fringe, a pair of thigh high leatherette boots, lots of bamboo, some sequins, a bulletin board with photos of various young men mugging for the camera....and strewn all over the ground were pages of very mediocre Czech porn.

(reasonable facsimile)
I'm no Hercule Poirot or anything, but it looked to me like some young gayling had been evicted from his garret apartment and all of his fabulousness was now out on the street. Sad, but nothing one hasn't seen before.


David said...

As much as I would love a meal prepared by Mrs Julia herself, I wouldn't toss that boy out of bed for eating crackers.


Elizabeth said...

A fancy meal out with friends, Harry shearer (who still has an adorably devilish twinkle in his eye), free porn, and a fabulous trash pile! Now THAT is a great night out!

mrpeenee said...

Definitely a dislocated gay boy. Doesn't the gold bullion fringe tell the whole story?

Jill said...

Oh Jason...I'm so jealous. I love Bayona. The meal sounds wonderful. My husband and I haven't been to New Orleans in 4 years. Before Katrina. When we lived in Houston, we used to go every six months. We stay at the Soniat House. Always in the same room...what dabauched memories I have! I love it when you write about your home. I live vicariously thru you. I think we're going to have to make a trip for my birthday in Feb. I love New Orleans when it's cold out.

MJ said...

Only in New Orleans would you find gold bullion fringe and sequins in the trash.

Did Harry have a cucumber stuffed down his pants?

Marshall said...

That was a great description of the night. When my sister and her girlfriend went to Bayona earlier in the week, they described the course as Moose liver instead of liver Mousse so I didn't know what to expect.

Too bad you didn't snag that "mediocre Czech porn". I could have added it to my other Bel Ami collection.

Overall, it WAS a fun experience.

ayem8y said...

A gay trash pile?

Thigh high boots... maybe a drag trash pile.

I'm to see the movie Julie and Julia on Wednesday.

I would screw Harry till he's dead.

The End.

Silly Monkey said...

Jason, you need to start taking actual pictures of these things. I want to see the real fabulous tranny ass and the strewn gay porn and wonderful dessert. :)

Michael Guy said...

You had me at 'gold bullion fringe'...

And I would have helped you carrying it all back. Fleas and all...

Michael Guy said...

er, that would be "carry"... No morning coffee here yet.


"Just David!" said...

god i need a new orleans fix!!!

it's like crack, i'm having withdrawls and you're not helping!!!

especially the tranny annie part!

larry said...

i gotta go to new orleans!!! sounds like i'm missing so much!!!