Aug 5, 2009

girl crush

I think I've developed a little crush on Sofie Allsop from the HGTV's The Unsellables.
I usually hate these real estate shows. They're like being trapped in a chastity belt and watching porn, but I find myself watching this one, just for her and that accent.

Add to that the news that she "has a degree in medieval history from Edinburgh University" and I'm all starry eyed.
Here's the only clip I could find of her talking (all too little), alas.


Elizabeth said...

Bummer! The video has "been removed!" Now I'll have to tune in and listen to her myself.

MJ said...

Is she a magician?

It's disappeared!

jason said...

oh no! you're right. And there don't seem to be any other clips of her delightful voice on youtube either. drat.
You'll just have to watch her show, I guess.
Maybe she is a magician after all.

Anonymous said...

I like the property virgins host...she rocks!

JUSTIN said...

You sir, are hilarious.

Silly Monkey said...

"They're like being trapped in a chastity belt and watching porn"

The best line I've heard in a long time!