Aug 22, 2009

Four books I've checked out of the library today

Why? Because I've been meaning to read it for nearly a decade now and never have.

Quote: "Overhead a gang of the local flying vermin took off from unseen perch, swooped, and seemed to be zeroing in on Archie's car roof---only to perform, at the last moment, an impressive U-turn, moving as one with the elegance of a curve ball and landing on the Hussein Ishmael, a celebrated halal butchers."

Prediction: won't finish. My tolerance for plot is at an all time low.

Why? Because I'm curious as to just how badly being an only child has fucked me up.
"The only child is destined to take care of his parents in later life, which can be a real burden...."
Prediction: won't read. Too boring. Too much information about Barbra Steisand and Laura Bush. Too many pictures of Nixon.

Why? Pretty pictures help calm me down.


Prediction: Nirvana like calm mixed with the frustration of being very poor.

Why? I'm a nerd.
"The old Macedonian general Polyperchon, who championed the cause of the boy king Alexander IV--and died deserted by everyone, including his own son, before the fourth century came to an end---used to dance at banquets, tipsy with too much wine. He would dance nonstop, wearing a saffron colored tunic and embroidered slippers."

Prediction: already half finished reading this, boring as it is.

Why? I'm pathetic and it didn't cost anything, except my dignity to check it out.
"Discovering and Using Your Diamond Self: Exercises----
(Total time 45 minutes)
You now have all the information on creating and using your Diamond Self. The Inner Work exercises will help you hone these skills.
Exercise 1: Rediscovering your authentic self:
Find a photo of yourself as a toddler....gflhflaelhalrhw3rhohyknnioljjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

(oh, sorry, I fell asleep there at the keyboard.)

Prediction: I'll skim it and take a nap.


David said...

I can't wait 90 days for true love, does she have an express version?

jason said...
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MJ said...

Four books?

That's FIVE, isn't it?

jason said...

Oops....I guess so. I'm too lazy to even read my own post.

Jill said...

From one only child to another...your divine!

The living room is the electric blue. I think I may have been Polyperchon in a past life. I'm so fucking tired of "authentic self"...I would have fallen asleep too.

"Just David!" said...

nothing but my dignity, that's brilliant!!

mrpeenee said...

Such an impressive reading list. Surely if you danced nonstop in your embroidered slippers in your living room with twenty foot high ceilings with no goddam siblings to get in the way, you would find love. Right?

Stephen said...

I am also an only child... I can't even conceive of the idea of siblings- "hey, we have the same parents"?
White Teeth is A+
I have about ten books on my side of the bed, yet here I am in the interenet.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Report back if you like White Teeth. I've heard so much about Zadie Smith, but I didn't really like On Beauty.

Also if you care to share what a Diamond Self is. I'm probably already using mine, but I'd want to know for sure.