Aug 15, 2009

Random theft: things that have caught my attention just today

Stolen from Don't Judge My Hair (thanks to Jenn)

"When “forgetting” to wear a shirt under your T.J. Maxx motorcycle
jacket has failed you, one surefire way to get attention is to be literally the
largest thing in the room, so no matter how hard everyone tries, they just can’t
ignore you. You may have singlehandedly destroyed the ozone layer with the
amount of hairspray it took to achieve this feat, but when your gravitational
pull causes the birth of an entire new solar system orbiting around your giant
hair, people will get over it."

Pretty redheaded male models stolen from Morphosis by way of Jill's fabulous Stella's Roar


Vagina bike taxi from Finland

Stolen from the ever wonderful sturle


Michael said...

Speaking of hot ginge (we are, right?), how crazy was I for Eric Stoltz in "Some Kind of Wonderful?" Way.

Remember that? Well, not you, child, but some among your more mature audience.

jason said...

Ah Michael, we are, and we *do*

Jill said...

I could never be a lesbian...the image of that bike is going to haunt my dreams.

Michael...I remember Eric...vividly.

Jason, please come to my house and bake a chocolate cake for no reason. I'll mix the cocktails. Manhattan's and chocolate go well together.

Christopher said...

That Vadge pic is the most disturbing thing I have seen all year...even more disturbing than the recent pics of Madonna's arms.

Jenn said...

The commentary about the hair was another witty lol moment. I just don't get the giant vadge bike ride.