Jun 28, 2010


Tonight I went to the newly reopened The Theatres at Canal Place . They've been reopened for a while, but I hadn't been there yet.
I have to say the whole experience was a bit much. Nice, but a bit much. Gone are the toilets that don't flush and the popcorn salt shakers you put on yourself. Now there are (what I like to think of as) stewardesses with iphone like pads instead of paper who take your martini order and bring out tapas in the middle of the film.

Actually, the whole process very like being in a posh airport lounge, the theater being the plane. Except you don't get to go anywhere. The chairs are nice, however.

Anyway, that's not what this post is about. It's about Rebecca Hall.
I saw Please Give, about which I knew nothing, except that Catherine Keener was in it, and it featured lots of midcentury modern furniture. That was enough to get me there....shelling out big bucks to sit in the airport lounge and eat a 13 dollar Manchego cheese flatbread.

The movie was actually pretty good. I think the less you know about a movie the better it usually is. That's probably true of life too, but what do I know.

But let me get back to Rebecca Hall. I'd first seen her in Vicki Cristina Barcelona and loved her there too. She was clearly the plain underdog in that movie, up against Penelope and Scarlett, but that's what I liked about her most. She plays another wall-flower type here, but it's not quite typecasting, I don't think.
I always root for the underdog.

Anyway, I can't figure out what I like about her, but I just do.


Who you callin' housewife? said...

Wish I had such a cool place in which to watch a movie. Just bunkers on the edge of town here.

Looks like my kind of movie. I always detest Catherine Keener at the beginning of a movie but I'm enthralled with here by the end.

mrpeenee said...

I got sucked off in the gents room at the Theatres at Canal Place once, back when it was just the movies at the mall. I think I wold prefer that over tapas.

Miss Janey said...

Do the plush upgrades prevent people from talking and texting during the movie? That would be a real plus for Miss J.

Mr. P... who knew he was such a theatre lover.

jason said...

WYCH: you'd totally love this one then, that's kind of the point (re: hating CK, loving her)

Peenee: I knew. There's a bronze plaque there.

Miss J: I think people are too busy spilling tabouleh to text.

Michael Rivers said...

I loved Vicki Cristina Barcelona. Such a great movie.