Jun 24, 2010

Boring list of things done in the past 24 hours

So, it's exactly a month today to my next birthday. Feeling a bit blue, I decided to just loaf around today. By the way, I'm constantly amazed at how many people of working age you see about on a Thursday at 2 in the afternoon, just doing nothing. What's the deal? I mean, really?

Anyway, here's a boring list of boring things done in the last 24 hours or so....randomly ordered:

1.Watched part of Terms of Endearment which I'd never seen. How'd that happen? Wondered to myself: "where is Debra Winger now anyway?
What happened? She was so great."
Too lazy to find out.

2. Left the movie playing to have a bloody Mary with Dave (by which I mean I had a bloody Mary, and he had a much less embarrassing beer).

3.Got told by a drunk, hand on my arm: "I got laid more in shtrait bars than in the fag bars." Thankfully, we were at a fag bar.

4. Left.

5. Got lost in the quarter at eleven, looking for where I had parked my car. Passed it three times. I spooked a homeless man by walking past him too often.

6. Got up early and took a walk in the 2,000 degree heat to get an iced
coffee. Saw a group of Bel Ami-porn stars Czech exchange
students nestled together there in a circle, earnestly watching the World Cup on
a laptop. I could only tell they were Czech, by the flag on one of their shirts. I looked it up. Debra Winger's career can

I didn't get a photo of the boys, but I did of these houses on
the way back to the car. Sorry.

7.Petted some neighbor's cat. Her right ear is split about 3 fourths the way down,
I notice. I wonder what happened? She has no collar, but is well fed. She's
aggressively affectionate. Rushes up from under the house to greet me
whenever we meet.

8. Went to the library. Got caught in yet another
flooding New Orleans noontime rain. Since I couldn't leave, I stayed inside and
read a few short stories: Raymond Carver.

9. Checked out Pam Grier's new autobiography:

Read the best part, about her finding out from her doctor that she
had cocaine residue in her vagina when she was dating Richard Pryor.

10. Got distracted from my reading. At the table across from me was yet
another eastern European youngster (what's the
This one Russian, chatting by Skype with what looked
like his girlfriend...or hopefully, his sister (not a great looker,
she....sorry, but true.)

11. Went to the Dollar General. Was asked if I worked there. Always flattering. Got a deal on some Mexican pots (That sentence would sound so much cooler without that "s" on it wouldn't it? But then when have I ever been cool?)

12. Planted some Salvia (which I misread as Saliva, but still bought)

13. Went to Target. Bought a diet coke and a cookie.

14. Went to Chik-Fil-A, chatted with a former student who works there.

15. Came home, finished watching Terms of Endearment (I won't even mention
why I'm watching it....I'm embarrassed), but it's pretty good, actually. Had a
bit of a cry, but not much. Yes, it's true.

16. Saw a double rainbow,first in years.


Michael Rivers said...

This is a long list!

BrooksNYC said...

You may be bored by your life, but we're not. What sorts of lives do you think the rest of us lead, anyway?

Oops, gotta run! The orgy starts in 45 minutes, followed by my favorite midnight trapeze class.

P.S. Isn't salvia a psychoactive plant?

Anonymous said...

Czech boys are utterly delicious. I can not thing of a country that has more beautiful boys per square meters...

...and plus they are all gay. In their mind (and culture) having sex with other boys does not make them gay if they are not. Most of Bel Ami actors are straight...even the passive ones...

Plus, do you know that the Czech Republic is the capital of European Porn production (and the second world wide)?

Peter said...

Maybe Richard Pryor stored his stuff there... and cam back each time to have a sniff! *wink*

jason said...

Michael: True dat.

Brooks: Ok, just make sure to wash your hands after that orgy, you hear?
And who knows, maybe the Salvia seeds conjured up the Bel Ami models.

Fab: Oh goodness....*now* you tell me. They did seem awfully friendly, curled up in the cafe together. Rather like that my new cat friend in this photo.

Peter: actually, the truth is more interesting. Click the link if you're curious (and save reading the book)

normadesmond said...

how lucky that you just watched "terms" (i love that movie!). i've got a list of good movies that i've yet to see, i like having them out there, on a will-see basis. shit, gotta save something for tomorrow, right?

pam greer's twat, wow. i'm gonna repeat that story.

Ur-spo said...

It is a law of physics that there are always two rainbows. I forget the mathematical rationale for why this is. I found it as a way of looking clever - whenever everyone sees the rainbow I point out the vague second one.

ayem8y said...

(1) Terms of Endearment always makes me cry when that little boy is telling his mother goodbye and the mean brother says something flip and the little one is crying and tells him to shut up. I break down at that moment.

(6) It has been like a tropic rainforest lately.

(7) Cats get very aggressive while having sex and can rip ears and get bloody lips and scrapes etc.

I'm off the Czech republic.

jason said...

hmmm "off of" or "off to"?
or both, I wonder.

ayem8y said...

That's quite the slip isn't it?

Off of...but I think I'm having a relapse so off to...

Jill said...

aggressively affectionate...I like the sound of that.

Fabulastic seems to know quite a bit about the czech republic!

We have quite a lot of Mexican pot/pots here.

savannah said...

i want to forget the last 24 hours of my life, sugar! at least, y'all had a bit of visual delight... xoxoxo

hayward said...

That's quite a listing for 24 hours. I wonder if Pam Grier's vagina is at the end of the double rainbow.

Dave said...

Glad you stopped by for that BM (um, bloody Mary.) BTW, my friend Bryan thinks you're "hot." That beard is working for you...

Lucia said...

Last year on this day I saw a double rainbow. Also a year to this day MJ passed away. Ewww AAAAHH!

Margaret said...

Yeah, what's up with all the people out during the day who should be working?

Next time do a videolog of your day.

Where in Nola is Jason?

MJ would love your comment, Lucia. And he's alive, you know, prob in da Quata.

Anonymous said...

Watch Rachel Getting Married to see what happened to Debra Winger. (She's the best thing in it.)

Jenn said...

i have a new hot crew member from the czech republic. probably shouldn't hit on him but yummy!

The Other Andrew said...

"Debra Winger's career can wait". Too long, it would seem.