Jun 25, 2010

arcane westbankering

As a born and bred Wanker, I can't help but love this*(filmed next to my childhood subdivision).

*the very definition of "something only a weirdo like Jason would care about"


ricola said...

You brought much light into my life with this. My sides ache. Pandas...seriously.

jason said...

yeay! I'm glad someone else understands.

mrpeenee said...

Dey gotta gecko in Gretna-na-na.

Dey gotta weewee in Westwego.

Dey gotta Ally McBeal in Algiers. (OK that one really sucks.)

jason said...

Oh, peenee...there ain't nothing even vaguely resembling Ally McBeal in Algiers.
Trust me.

Jenn said...

my new fave video!