Jun 28, 2010


I just got back from another trip to the thrift store. Among my purchases were these:

The soundtrack to The Runaways, which I'd really liked when I first saw it.



I dare you not to buy this. Come on, I dare you.

"America's Greatest Hits", for my trip.
I've already mentioned down there how Lite Rock and Florida go hand in hand (in the sunset...on the beach) in my mind.

I think I love this song of theirs most.

(By the way, I'd never realized this line until I'd really listened:
"Sorry boy, but I've been hit by purple rain"
I wonder if Prince stole the idea from them. Wouldn't doubt it. Oh, also, speaking of Prince, what did I see there but a girl in raspberry beret. No kidding. Short shorts and a beret? Who wears that?)

Lastly, a black trench coat (London Fog). Like I said, it's like 2000 degrees around here, but it was pristine, in perfect condition ....and only 10 dollars. Now that I'm looking at it, it seems too big, but whatever...it was 10 dollars and in perfect condition. On my way to the register I'm thinking, "Now, really, when will I ever need a trench coat?" and almost put it up.

Then...like clockwork, the New-Orleans-after-noon monsoon came. It came down hard. In a few minutes we were all flooded in, huddled at the exit. The electricity went off for a short time. Eventually, (because I really had to pee) I decided to brave it. I put on my new too long trench coat over my shorts, t-shirt and sandals and ran out into the blinding rain, water up to my calves.

Now I'm home drying off, listening to this ^, ok, so maybe trying to listen. and hoping the power would please just go out again. god.


ayem8y said...

"Now, really, when will I ever need a trench coat?"

Hopefully you will survive the ’teaching’ death knell to retire and become an old man ‘flasher’. Then you’ll be glad you bought it.

The Merm’s disco album...I would definitely have to have it too.

Dave said...

OMG, I LOVE America. America the band. America the country, eh, I'm beginning to wonder.

Kim Hambric said...

Ethel Merman/Disco = oil/water.

I laughed so hard that I heard something burst inside of me. Perhaps I should go to the emergency room now. You've got the trench to keep away the rain. You've got Ethel to keep away everything else.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I bought a copy of this, pristine vinyl, in New Hope Pennsylvania back in the fall of 1993. It is impossible to listen to this album. It can't be done. I don't know of anyone who has listened the whole way through.

Still, we have it recorded to digital and in our music collection, so we have to be careful when we hit the "shuffle" command on the Sonus unit because one minute you can have Ray Charles, or Carmen McRae and then here comes Ethel singing Alexander's Ragtime Band and it just ruins the moment.

By the way - the liner notes are the best part of the album.

mrpeenee said...

Honey, I remember back in the day, my friend Brian bought this new. I think we made it through the first third of There's No Business Like Show Business before we bailed out on it.

God love her, you have to give Ethel credit for being a good sport, the old goat.

normadesmond said...

ethel will never die.

Margaret said...

Best line from Ethel Merman ever:

"I used to be an Olympic swimmer!" Then drowns.

Some years ago I was having lunch with my mom at a restaurant and this senior citizen kept looking over. Later, after we left the restaurant my mom told me it was Ethel Merman. Yep, that was Ethel, and yep, that was my mom...'mums' the word, and Ethel wanting ATTENTION!!!! Wish I'd gone over to her. I'd most likely have ALL her albums FREE now.

David Toms said...

You have to give Ethel credit for trying!

As to the trenchcoat...... You dont have to wear it outside.

FelixInHollywood said...

Love Disco. Hate Merman.
Woulda bought it. In a second.