Jun 3, 2010

I'm a flake

So, tomorrow I'm going to see a psychic.
Yes, I'm that kind of person, I suppose.

I saw one once before, right after Katrina. I needed some guidance after losing everything.
She was also an astrologer. She was so nice and friendly and only charged me half the amount she normally did.

She didn't seem to predict anything that's come true......but in retrospect, maybe some of it did. I've been wondering about that for the past year actually.

She did do a really good job of summing up my personality, and she knew her astrology. I know enough about the subject to see that she wasn't bullshitting me, so it wasn't completely a waste of money.

Some friends of mine went to this new psychic (the one I'll be going to tomorrow) a few months back, and at least one raved about her. The others (one a psychiatrist) were less impressed.
Hopefully she won't tell me anything bad. If she's really a psychic, she ought to be able to tell that I don't want to hear anything bad, right?

What's certain is that this time tomorrow I'll be shelling out my hard earned money to have someone listen to me. It's cheaper than therapy, that's how I figure it.

Hell, I need some hope around here...even if it's false...
even if I have to buy it myself


hayward said...

I used to work with a gal named Paulette who did that. One evening she was going around the table giving us a freebee. I had to get up and leave before she got to me. I didn't want to know.

Gasp! The word verification is "platte".

I hope she has plenty of good news for you.

Miss Janey said...

Miss J is very supportive of this. She's flakey, too, of course, but she has experienced real psychics. She was acquainted with one years ago who directed her for a couple of shows. VERY gifted... and she moved back to her home state a few years ago... Yes- Louisiana.

Miss J hopes Jason gets some of what he needs!

Margaret said...

Tomorrow you'll be walking past a man wearing blue pants and a funny looking vest, holding a "Blue Plate Mayo" jar on your way to the reading. He needs the money more than the psychic.

sam said...

I'm excited!!

Ur-spo said...

do keep us abreast of what you learn; I find it all fascinating.

Michael Guy said...

I support your visit. I, too, visited a renown psychic many years ago. Most of it was good; true, in fact. She laid an egg with "...you and your partner; others are separating all around you...but you two are rock solid"

That part didn't come true. Good luck and please fill us in with the outcome.

FelixInHollywood said...

I have used them sporadically over the years, and in many cases the have been very useful.

I honestly don't know if they ever clued me in to amazing upcoming events, but more like you said, rather nailing with clarity my personality and characteristics. And, let's face it honey, sometimes we just need a little verification and reassurance on that which we, deep down, already know.

Stay open, have fun, report back.

Dean Grey said...


I hope the psychic has GREAT news for you!