Jun 30, 2010

Are You Interested?

Not to brag or anything, but Facebook's handy dandy "Are You Interested" feature for the pathetic and desperate* lets me* know that :
"Clarence", here,
"40 in Plain Dealing, LA is interested in YOU!"

Such a dilemma.
I mean, which do I click?
Yes (anonymous)
Yes (let them know)

Why isn't there an "all of the above" button?


Anonymous said...

Is that a man in drag? It might be worth a little fun to say 'yes' just to see what happens. Could make for a hilarious blog post.

ayem8y said...

What do you have to loose? I mean at worst it could be another cautionary dating tale and at best it could be true love.

This is why I do not Facebook! That and I have two distinct set of friends that shan't twain.

I tried it and the first person to knock on my door was my Aunt Linda...and then several gay friends...don't want my Aunt Linda to know about them, just yet.

jason said...

Oh, you know I clicked "interested."
I'm just bored enough to.
No response.
I think "Clarence" there is a hot commodity.

And he's not one of your "gay friends" is he? Or maybe he's your Aunt Linda?

Miss Janey said...

Miss J will want details of this meet-up.

Margaret said...

Now is your chance to quickly decorate a la Auntie Mame and entertain Clarence! Dress to impress like Clarence with pressed starched button down shirt over wife beater.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! I love pugs!!! I want one

normadesmond said...

some people just wake up lucky. you should also buy a lottery ticket today.

mrpeenee said...

Oh yeah, I been knowing Clarence. They used to call him "The Belle of Angola."

ilduce said...

I'll pay all expenses for the meeting just to the story afterward.

FelixInHollywood said...

I feel like I'm living in a beautiful dream ever since I deleted my Facebook account.