Jun 12, 2010

bad pictures from a boring walk

As a variation for my exercise I took a walk by the lake this evening. I was going out near there anyway for a party.

Bad picture number one. It was very hot and humid and had just rained.
I'm talking New-Orleans-in-August-hot.
But in June.
There are very few people out there. It's a shame. I guess it's still recovering post Katrina or something....only a few people fishing and crabbing, but not like it once was.

You can barely make out the sailboats in the distance.

Tara, from the levee.

One of the old shelters. The delicious smell of boiling crawfish (and the desperate need to pee) lured me here. I was thwarted in both. I happened on a family get together and a locked bathroom door (no number two-ing allowed there, bud).
Though I'm sure the family would probably have let me have some of their crawfish....probably wouldn't have minded me peeing in the bushes either,
I kept walking

Lastly, I found myself at the Vietnamese church. Isn't it festive? Note the watermark on the gate. Then my camera's battery went dead, or maybe, like me, it just passed out from the humidity.


ayem8y said...

God it's been so hot and so soon in the summer.

It does not bode well for hurricane season. I imagine an oil hurricane splashing the goo all over the houses and cars and lawns...

Maybe take refuge in the Vietnamese church or Tara.

jason said...

ooooh...don't be saying that, Mean Dirty. You're a-scarin' me.

Kim Hambric said...

I can feel your heat. I guess I should be glad I'm as far north as I am. Nasty here. Unimaginable down there. Go and have a cold drink.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Didn't realize there were shelters on the levee. Pretty enough to live in, and architecture that we'll never see again. 'Tara' is awesome! Fiddle-dee-dee!

Scarlett: Tara! Home. I'll go home. And I'll think of some way to get him back. After all... tomorrow is another day.


ricola said...

It's been a overcast and slightly chilly 65-70 here all week.

All those years and I never went to the lake. I need to go when I get back.

BrooksNYC said...

The Deep South makes better clouds than anywhere in the country. (Am looking at the ones piled up behind the Vietnamese church and Shelter No. 2.)

Wow....love Shelter No. 2! Last night I was Googling the Child's Restaurant building on Coney Island, which hails from that same era (1910-25). A blogger's pics here:


How many of the old lakeside shelters are still standing? Would love to see 'em the next time I'm in town.

"Tommy" said...

well my friend.... Did Tara get any water..???

As always your photos have a "wondering" bout them.

I am glad to see all is well down there in the home of my ancestors...

have a great Sunday afternoon

Michael Guy said...

I think these are perfectly intriguing photos. I like the 'Tara' one and Vietnamese church thang.

Your heat index must be nastier than our concrete-jungle bake come July here.

The water marks are a poignant reminder that much remains unsettled post-Katrina, et al, shit storm.