Jun 16, 2010

practice makes a mess

The other day, on a whim, being bored, I bought some small cheap canvases (5 dollars for 3).
I haven't painted anything in so long, I need to get back into practice. I'm horrified at how bad I've gotten. This one here is product of my past few three hours'. I need to work some more on it, but I need to leave it alone first. The acrylics are frustrating to work with, but so much cleaner than oil.
Note the really nice old frame I bought for two dollars (!) at Goodwill.
Good solid wood too.

Anyway, the past few days I've done a few small practice paintings like this, men's faces, because they're something I've never painted before. You all know how I love a naked woman.
Some are of people I know, some, (like this boy with a rose tattoo), alas, whom I don't.


Kim Hambric said...

Pretty impressive for a few hours of work. Keep painting, Jason!

Michael said...

I love it.

sam said...

that's awesome!

Salty Miss Jill said...

This is fantastic! Yeah, keep at it! (and share with us the results)

Anonymous said...

He looks like a young Liberace. So cool. Frame is at least 40 years old.

ricola said...

Are you freaking kidding me!
A few Hours!! I have a GD degree
in painting, and I honestly could
not produce anything so incredibly
romantic or in depth.
Alligator meat, methadone addled mum, New Orleans on demand and now mad painting skells. Makes me wanna cut a bitch, just a little. But I like you, so I'll just make a medium sized scratch. :)Nice work, seriously.

David Toms said...

Well for a few hours, it is pretty good stuff. You are right leave it alone for a while anf then come back to it!

Jill said...

Keep it up...your very talented.

TJB said...

Darlin', it's better than most of what you're likely to find at your corner gift shop. Keep painting, you clearly have a creative skill and should hone that talent.

Silly Monkey said...

If this is some of your "I need to get back into practice" work, I can't wait to see your good stuff!

Funny, since they've been working on my kitchen, I needed some stress relief, and I started painting, too.

FelixInHollywood said...

I think I'm in love with the boy with the tattoo.

ayem8y said...

I love this. Perhaps the next one could be a nude boy? A reclining nude boy eating a bunch of grapes?

You could sell them in the Quarter to gay tourists and make friends and have tricks and offer to do private sittings.