Apr 2, 2010

(not quite) Good (enough) Friday

Today, having the day off, I did much of nothing. Actually, I've been so tired and funky lately that I haven't been able to muster doing much other than work and sleep. Let me bore you with today's utter boredom:

1. Went to mass this morning, at a church I visit only very rarely...just because it's pretty. My way to God is through interior decoration. I've learned this.
I skulked in the back, like a good Catholic does, hoping no one engaged me in conversation. It always mortifies me how Protestants want to "be your friend" and offer coffee and donuts after church. To hell with that. I'd be for a drive through communion if I could.

2. Bought myself some challah (I can't help but instinctively say "muthafuckas!" on the end of that word for some reason...ok, because I'm just stupid like that) at Whole Foods. And some blue irises...again. I figure if it goes stale, I can always make bread pudding with it, right? I finally made a great one (with whiskey sauce and all) the other Saturday...at midnight. That's how I roll when I'm anxious and depressed....I'm talking bread pudding at 12 and brownies at 2 am. It ain't pretty. Anyway, I think I might have finally gotten it right. Wisely, I took most it to my father or I'd be in a coma by now. He says it's good, so that's all I need.

3. Bought some new pants to go with the linen jacket I'd bought two or so years ago to attend a wedding outdoors. I couldn't figure out what to wear to such a thing then. It's impossible to match, so I haven't. I've worn it exactly once. I'm debating wearing it on Easter Sunday. I'll be seeing "Wicked" that night, and that seems like as good an excuse to wear a linen jacket as any.
I read the book and almost liked it. The book seemed needlessly serious. Maybe the khaki suit I've never worn before, though it's really too long....or maybe just jeans. Ok, I'm needlessly serious too.

4. Got home and entertained enrolling in French classes at the Alliance Francaise here...but dropped the ball. Maybe one day. I've been helping out the two Haitian girls (who could not be sweeter) with their English a bit, only to realize how pathetic my French is. If I can even call it my French. I shouldn't have skipped all of those language labs. I spent that time in the library reading back issues of Interview and dreaming of leaving the westbank. Yeah, look where that got me.

5. Took myself to see "Hot Tub Time Machine" and was pleasantly surprised. Not that it's good or anything. I mean one vomit joke is funny. Two, well...ok, is still kind of funny. Anyway, any excuse to hear Scritti Politti again for a few minutes.


Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

If you can make bread pudding, we are friends for life!

MJ said...

I'm so bloated and crampish that I didn't step outside all day.

Shove over on the sofa and pass the bread pudding.

I brought my own whiskey, as you can see.

BrooksNYC said...

I seriously cannot wait to try your bread pudding cure for depression and anxiety!

What pretty church do you go to? Have you visited St. Alphonsus lately? (Not sure it's a functioning church these days, but it IS pretty.)

Apropos nothing, someone linked me to a very funny YouTube vid today:


Happy Easter, and hope you're out of your doldrums soon!


Anonymous said...

yummy, scritti politi. thanks!

mrpeenee said...

I regard bread pudding as a culinary high note.


Deliciousss Easter weekend Jason!

Michael Mattison said...

Jason --
* Kudos for making your boring day entertaining reading. You should be a professional writer. Really. But I think I've said that before.
* And how on earth did someone as young as you find out about "Wood Beez", and also have the good taste to like it? Great song, one of the best they'd play at the underage alternative club in Seattle my friends and I would flock to every weekend as still pretty young teens, seeking musical refuge from the horrors of the "Footloose" soundtrack or whatever the latest Huey Lewis & the News single.
* Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my specs!
Have a great weekend,

Dean Grey said...


'Wicked' is a GREAT play! You will love it!


Fabulastic said...

Il faut faire un petit effort pour apprendre le Français.

A propos: a survey done by condomania.com come up to the conclusion that New Orleans have the male population with the bigger penis sizes...Oh la la...Sacré Bleu.

Elizabeth said...

"Drive through communion!" Ha!

And nothing beats a good bread pudding.

Jenn said...

I liked the movie bc it was the right amount of fluff to cheer me. Also the music made me want to dance at OEJ's. I wish that they had the pre-katrina crowd there though. I must have some of that bread pudding. I will supply cheap booze to go with it.

Nick said...

One year at the San Gennaro Festival I paid two dollars to see "Little Lina, the World's Smallest Woman," really a pygmy dwarf in a baby pageant dress, who stood behind a sign that read "Sorry, I only speak Haitian."

After that I needed a drive-through confession (or acid bath).

Anonymous said...

Scritti Politti! I am so glad I found you...