Apr 15, 2010

Dap Kings etc.

I'm hoping to get away next weekend to Lafayette, to visit my friend Michael, and the Festival International, during which the city is overrun with Francophones.


What I'll miss, however, is Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, (noted francophones, I'm sure) who are just fabulous. Love her. Love them.

Unfortunately, they're playing during the week, and as much as I'd be willing to play hookie, my recent illness dissuades me from taking off any more time.

Anyway, every time I type "Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings" I find my fingers being compelled to type "Sharon Stone and the Gap Band".

Freudian slip hope

Now that, lemme tell you, I'd get on the bus to see. Toute suite, baby.


Kevin said...

i'm in LURVE with SJ&TDK...just got the newest today.

hayward said...

I'm not sure why anyone would schedule Sharon Jones during the week. That's crazy. She's a weekend kind of woman.

I'm jealous. Have a great time!!

Miss Janey said...

Sharon Stone... what is that pose???

ayem8y said...

I keep coming back for Sharon...Jones...not Stone.

FelixInHollywood said...

You might not be the only one to miss Sharon and the Kings. I just read that they are among the stranded in Europe due to the Volcano Ash Calamity.

Francophiles indeed.

Stephen said...

I love Sharon Jones & the Daps!
They are on my Husband's Birthday Mix. Lucky you!