Apr 11, 2010

Matinee at Tiffany's

Today, rousing myself from my deathbed, I took my lonesome to see a matinee of "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I hadn't seen it in at least a decade, and never on the big screen. I noticed that the humor fell completely flat, but the pathos seemed magnified (kinda the opposite of what happened with "Casablanca" when I saw it on the big screen...odd)

Pre-show there was even a raffle, like they'd do back in the 30s and 40s, or so the owner's son (who had to rush upstairs to turn on the film) said, when they'd give away dishes and the like. I won a dollar, which was nice, but I would have rathered some dishes.

Anyway....the movie left me with lots of food for thought, but I'll begin with the superficial.
That's probably for the best right now.

I'm going to try to leave dear old Audrey out of the post altogether, if that's possible, and focus on very random stuff I'd never noticed before.

1. Where, oh where does O.J. Berman (Holly's "agent") get such huge bed pillows. I wish I could have found a photo of them. His are huge and almost square. (insert too easy double entendre here). I have but a queen (insert even easier double entendre here) bed, but my little queen pillows float around on it like rafts on the Pacific.
Oh, and there were reclining beds in 1961?! Why don't we all have one by now....with jetpacks?

And he has a fabulous lamp, with a gilded sheaf of wheat base, much like this table, a twin of which I saw in an shop in Houston last year for an exorbitant amount of money (but still want)

2. Patricia Neal. Need I say more? I mean seriously. She's too fabulous. I want to be her when I grow up.

Or at least have her come and "decorate my apartment," if you know what I mean. ('cause I don't)
Of course, Audrey is the style icon and all, but I think Pat's clothes are every bit as stylish.
She is a very "stylish girl" after all.

I dream of a desk kind of like this. Just the thing to write a check on, no? (that lamp however, she can keep)

3. Under Holly's bathtub settee,

I noticed one of my long standing wants, a zebra rug. I'd never noticed it before.

4. Lastly, George. Cute. I know, but honestly, I'd never really noticed before. He's not my "type", whatever the hell that means, but he was awfully cute. Even I have to admit.


Stephen said...

I am a big fan of the Novella & the movie strays very far away from the book...but still much to enjoy, & MOON RIVER is one of my favorite songs & one of the greatest movie themes ever.

BTW... what is your type?

Anonymous said...

It bugs me how they de-gayified the story. In the novel, George is gay (implicitly), and Holly gives off a strong whiff of transgendered.

Michael Guy said...

I just want the opportunity to throw THAT party Holly has when she first lays eyes on Rusty Trawler...

You can be "Mag Wildwood"...

ayem8y said...

Caught this not too long ago on TCM. I watch it every time it’s on. I want the wallpaper from George’s apartment. I know it’s gaudy but it’s exquisite. What can I say except that, “I am a very stylish girl”. Also have the soundtrack and the party music is one of my favorites.

Favorite scene: The woman at the party who’s laughing in the mirror then the next scene she’s crying.

I especially like to the decidedly UN-PC Asian played by Mickey Rooney.

Missy Go-Right-Ree!

Jill said...

Not my type either. And don't tell anyone, but I've never seen the movie...Horrors...I know!

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

At first, when I read "I dream of a desk like this," I thought you were talking about that skirted table. I can't stand skirted tables and I almost stopped reading.

I think my favorite scene is when they're running with the masks, but I should see it again to be sure.

FelixInHollywood said...

Ok, running the risk of complete expulsion from the blogosphere, I would have been happy if they had left dear Audrey out of the movie altogether. Don't get me wrong, I really like her and all, I just thought she was horribly miscast.

I read that Capote wanted Marilyn Monroe. Now that would have been something.

Miss Janey said...

Truman Capote is one of Miss J's favorite writers... The movie has to be taken on its own terms, else it suffers in comparison. Miss J agrees with Stephen- LOVE Moon River, definitely one of the very best movie songs in history.

LadyJ said...

I own a "gilded" sheaves of wheat table with a round glass top just like the one pictured and like the one in the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys. It was a gift. Do you know the designer and the market value? Thanks.