Apr 10, 2010

the night the lights went out in Georgia indeed.

As if Malcolm M. wasn't bad enough news, now this? ahem

God bless her.


Michael Rivers said...

Oh no. This is so sad. I'm shocked.

Kevin said...

I quoted the same speech on my page.

This scene taught me how to "read" someone.

ayem8y said...

Is Dixie dead?

I'm just finding this out now before I google it.

More and more I get my celebrity death watch from my blog friends.

MJ said...

I'm still mourning Bea Arthur.

Jill said...

She died?! This is horrible.

I LOVED her and Designing Women. I named my cat after Meshach Taylor.

My heart goes out to Hal Holbrook. They seemed to have such a great marriage.

Stephen said...

A rabid Republican, but an amazing talent" drama, comedy, stage, TV, great voice. A class act. She will be missed