Apr 18, 2010

A walk to the museum

Every now and then I walk over to the museum and wander through after work. I used to do it regularly when I was in college, skip class...loiter around the museum on a drizzly Thursday. But that's how you end up having to repeat Statistics...twice.
Anyway, the other day I went over again and took my sad little camera. I'm honestly the worst photographer in the world, but I do like to pretend to be a tourist sometimes, and then it becomes a handy prop.

I love the big old urns in the front of the building. They're identical. The only difference is that the one on the right is facing the opposite of the one on the left.

I was suprised to see a number of huge Joan Mitchells in the entrance hall. They really don't photograph well at all. In person they were wonderful.

The exhibit is one of African American art, this painting was one of my favorites (and the only one I could find a photo of online). It's kind of Matisse-y.
There were a number of really nice works there. I might go back again this week in fact, if I'm not dead tired after work on Wednesday. (the only day now that it's free, sadly, it seems.)

The dated looking side gate....very 1988 in my mind, but still kind of fun.


MJ said...

Oooo...travelogues today from both you AND Ayem8y.

Can I get air miles from your blog?

Ur-spo said...

I like the earlier Masters.

Miss Janey said...

Miss J is fascinated by the fact that Jason likes to pretend to be a tourist.

FelixInHollywood said...

Yay Art!

Michael Guy said...

Hmmm....me thinks I need to cut-n-paste those neoclassic pics!

Thanks for sharing.