Apr 4, 2010

bah humegg

I've always been something of an easter grinch. Even when I was a child I hated the holiday.

I don't much like candy. I hate ham. I hate rabbits. I hate that plastic grass that you never can quite get rid of. I hate eggs.

As a child, I was once locked in a rabbit hutch by some evil children and mauled by the fluffy little bastards (true story).

Oh, and I hate pastels too.

The only good thing about the holiday is that it makes me think of this song:


Margaret said...

You know, in some cultures being mauled by bunnies is a sacred rite of passage. Perhaps it makes you a king in some distant lands! (Sweet bunny scars?)

Anonymous said...

You should live in a Catholic country and then you would have reasons to hate the season...

Kim Hambric said...

That bunny is the ugliest, scariest damn thing I have EVER seen. I will never forget that photo.

Now, I am off to google Lucifer's testicles. I'll need this information to share with my child.

ayem8y said...

I’m not as fan of Easter either; it’s such an inconvenient holiday. I used to love getting a new spring sport coat and showing off at church but not so much these days.

Today I wander into church off the street in a Bunny Yeager original birthday suit. The crowd used to go wild but not so much these days.

Satan’s Testicles are yummy for breakfast with a little salt and pepper.

MJ said...

You had a lucky escape.

Dean Grey said...

OMG Jason!

Those first two pictures had me laughing out loud! I'd hate to see how that little "Bud Light" girl grows up!