Apr 12, 2010

Have you gotten your copy yet?

I need to get Oprah's army of retouchers there for my ass, however.

thanks so much to Ask The Cool Cookie at the wonderful
periodically anachronistic. I'm thrilled!


Stephen said...

You have been at it so long, first the magazine & then the Blog... but always at the forefront of what is happening...
your ass could use a lift though.

ayem8y said...

“your ass could use a lift though.”

A private railcar should do the trick.

Funny I was reading about Marjorie Merriweather Post’s private railcar and was thinking about sharing but I’m so blog lazy lately. Just read about it amongst yourselves.

I say we both get private railcars and meet up in Palm Springs.

BTW where is my current issue of the fortnightly The Night is Half Gone?

I’m sure it was delivered to Theda Bara’s place again. I hate traipsing over there, Theda’s such a toss pot suffering fits of horrors and smashing dishes at me.

Christopher said...

Love it....and aint nothing wrong with a fluffy boo-tay!

Miss Janey said...

Miss J MUST have a subscription.

Thombeau said...