Oct 5, 2009

Which will it be?

Bacon Ice Cream


Bacon Lube
Thanks (?) to Sam

Or is that a bit repugnant redundant?


sam said...

I've had chocolate with bits of bacon inside. It's how I imagine Snausages would taste.

And FYI I keep a bottle of Baconlube in my glove box. Just in case you ever see me out...

Dean Grey said...

I don't think I'll be able to eat bacon ever again after this.

Thanks Jason!


MJ said...

Just last week, I had bacon for breakfast AND lunch.

Muscato said...

I haven't had bacon since late June, because of where we live. Therefore, I can say that three months of deprivation is still not enough to make bacon ice cream tempting.

And I can't even begin to consider how not-cool with the Muslim bf the second product would be. That's gotta be like un-kosher, cubed.

Anonymous said...

bacon lube...makes a man squeel like a pig

Michael said...

Bacon is one of my favorite things so it's hard yo imagine that either of these items could be anything less than amazing. Who makes the ice cream ?

Salty Miss Jill said...

Well, my husband is Muslim, so it would have to be the former for me, enjoyed solo.
Wait a minute...the latter could also be used alone, but I'd never leave the house.