Oct 12, 2009

pre Halloween

I'm still trying to figure out my costume for Halloween this year. Here are some options off the top of my head:


Something chic.

Advantages: I'm sure I have everything needed already.
Disadvantages: All those
sedity, bourgie bitches out there.

Something sacred.

Advantages: I'll score some change from the crowd.
Disadvantages: I'm an autumn. Pink is a bad color for me.

Something classic

Advantages: I won't have to shave (much).
Disadvantages: PETA


Something to honor my astrological sign (Largeblackgayius)

Advantages: Lots of white boy phone numbers.
Disadvantages: camel

E.Something to honor our valiant forefathers.

Advantages: available at Woolworths
Disadvantages: vinyl burn.

F.Something patriotic. (like Popeyes chicken)

Advantages: The smell of chicken grease. mmmm
Disadvantages: I'd have to


Miss Janey said...

Miss J has to vote for A sister in her Gucci. Her wide stance will allow plenty of room for Mr. Jason's man-parts and may come in handy if Mr. Jason encounters Larry Craig in a men's room.

ayem8y said...

What Miss J. said!

Also Super Popeyes Girl could have advantages too, like a big box of chicken with biscuits and gravy you’d be very popular. I don’t know why you think you’d have to shave?

I have my costume idea post coming up for you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Go for the C option. One should always seize an opportunity to annoy PETA.

MJ said...

Let's hold Jason down and shave him.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Do keep us posted.
I think I'll go as a swine flu virus. Or a princess.

Ur-spo said...

put on a snout and some wings and go as swine flu.

Ellie said...

the gucci.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

For option D., just turn that disadvantage into a moose knuckle and get even more phone numbers.

mrpeenee said...

I say wear them all. In alphabetical order.

Stephen said...

There seems to be a real "furry" theme going on here...

Michael Guy said...

Well, I dunno. But that first one just says "Love that chicken from Popeyes".