Oct 31, 2009


Tonight I planned a little Halloween eve party, so to speak. I figured everyone would be busy Halloween proper, so I planned it for tonight. I'd hoped to finally use my little courtyard. I'd decorated it up and gotten everything set...and then the rains came.

So, instead, we all had to huddle into my cramped little apartment.

(Here we are. Such a shame no one came in costume.)

(here I am. Doesn't my hair look fabulous?)

We spent most of the night watching movies. I'd rented "Shaun of the Dead" but, unfortunately, my projector is cheap and the picture was kind of jerky. I figured it wouldn't be too noticeable, what with their being zombies and all. I was wrong.

Later on Marshall managed to get a streaming version of (all but the last four minutes of) the 1974 classic "Black Christmas" (which is rather disappointingly white, I'm afraid...I'm talking Canadian white.)

But it was very fun, just the same. Any movie with Margot Kidder swilling liquor in every scene she's in and then getting killed with a glass unicorn is magical! (and thematic too!!

Plus a young Andrea Martin...with a fro that's scarier than anything else in the movie. It's all too wonderful.

Sadly, we'll never know who the killer is, since my internet connection went out before the last four minutes were up. Probably because of the rain. I guess we'll just have to use our imaginations or something. Sucks.

Anyway, here's Pedro, my zombie unicorn pinata. I'd planned to hang him outside and have everyone have a turn. Unfortunately, because of the stupid rain, we couldn't. I realized that swinging a bat in a crowded room is probably not nearly as much fun as it sounds.

I figured the second most fun way of getting the candy out would be to take turns fisting the unicorn.

Much more fun than a bat anyway, right?


Jill said...

Fisting the Unicorn...that is priceless, Jason!

Marshall said...

Thanks for having us over. Very memorable. (I find that the most memorable parties are the ones filled with adversity.)

I still think the guy in the fur coat is the killer, but I haven't seen the missing 4 minutes of the movie yet.

Ur-spo said...

happy halloween to you !

MJ said...

Are you the one in the yellow dress?

jason said...

Of course.
Aren't I coy?

larry said...

those are rather scimpy outfits jason, but i like the hairdos! fab-u-lous!!what an action packed evening! my life seems so dull...i think you should write a book:-) and i LOVE andrea martin and margot kidder!marvelous:-D

Julie said...

My boobs look great!!

I'm kind of enjoying still not knowing who the Black Christmas killer is. It's sort of tantric at this point. I could look it up any time I want, but the suspense just feels so good!

I had a great time! Thanks for the fisting!

mrpeenee said...

My, the whole thing sounds just magic. How I wish I could have been there, except I probably would have insisted on swinging the bat. Par Tay!

Dean Grey said...

You always have such great hair, Jason!