Oct 23, 2009

neo Brazzi

So I'm minding my own business, doing an innocent google search for "Rossano Brazzi naked" (thanks to the ever fabulous TJB of course)

when where do I find myself?

Nowhere else but an Aryan Nation website....

specifically the "Do you prefer younger men or older men?"
topic thread at the "Stormfront Ladies Only: Sugar and spice, and everything nice" bulletin board.
The ladies are all fired up over this one, it seems:

"Sweet Spirit" writes:

"I've always been drawn to older men and that still holds, though I now am "of a certain age" myself. I respect the wisdom and stability of an older gentleman and appreciate the patina of age, so to speak. :)
Your white race is you. It is unnatural not to love and be proud of it.

Remember the Alamo ~"
"Brunhilda" prefers men her own age, but has a boyfriend who's ten years her junior.

"Cartman" reviews a Tatum O'Neal film

"Buttercup" writes that it "just felt more right to date someone older. "

"White Camellia" writes:

"the 57 year old was from the Alto-Adige region of Italia (also known as the Sud Tirol). He was so handsome...he looked and sounded very much like the late actor, Rossano Brazzi! he is deceased now, he died 9 years ago. We remained good friends even after we parted ways."

Her lovely memory is followed by a poignant tribute to an "INNOCENT VICTIM OF BLACK SAVAGERY, 2009 (age: 2 month"

and a picture of a kitty cat.

It's all I can do not to create a profile myself, oh, something like "Aunt Pittypat69" and write an anecdote about the hot black janitor I met in the Sud Appalachians when I was just a young virgin white edelweiss of, oh, 12 or so, and the hot sex we had in the middle school cafeteria refrigerator.

Or something.

You see yourself here if you care dare


Jill said...

What a post! Naked Brazzi, racist skinhead old cooters, black stud jail bait sex in school...this is why I keep coming back for more!

TJB said...

I'm so glad that I inspired this search!

"Just David!" said...

omg, that's hysterical! if you create one, i will too, that could be way too much fun!!!

Kelly T Keating said...

Love Rossano Brazzi!!! Summertime is almost the perfect movie...interesting where a internet search leads one...

My friend at outrightingrate.com recommended your blog to me and I am really enjoying it. I think you have to go on my blog roll!

Best, Kelly