Oct 25, 2009

remind me

Oh Patrice....such an underrated singer and musician....with one of the prettiest voices ever.
I never tire hearing it.

I checked out a copy of this cd a few months ago from the public library (that's how I roll: poor old school, baby).

The broken jewel case was held together with a rubber band. It hadn't been checked out in five years. I ended up having to pay a dollar late fee because I'd kept it on constant rotation in my car too long. Totally worth it.


Nick said...

So true! It's taken years but I can now listen to "Forget Me Nots" the whole way through without thinking of Will Smith in a black suit and space aliens unrelated to Scientology.

Jill said...

LOVE your header!

Have you ever heard of the singer Puff Johnson. I think she only came out with one album. I used to love her!

jason said...

Thanks Jill,
I've not heard of her. I shall have to investigate.

And Nick...gosh, I'm thrilled that you're here! I'm a huge fan.(honest to god)

I wrote just about that same thing (re Will Smith) and erased it.

larry said...

what a great artist,super voice!