Oct 10, 2009


I found this Kennedy era book at a local book fair a few months ago, and had to buy it.
It's in near perfect condition and in both French and English.
I don't have a scanner and the plates are too big to scan anyway, so I resorted to taking really bad photos.
These really don't do the book justice. It really is beautiful.
I like to imagine Jackie poring over such a book, planning to redecorate the White House once she moves in.

The cover, chic, no?

Here's a home in America, geodesic dome and all. I wonder if it still exists?

Another home in "le sud ouest américain"

a glimmer of the soon to be Victorian revival of the later 60s? Who knows.


ayem8y said...

That would be the great purple-velvet Victorian revival of the late 60’s. God that’s so gaudy...I have to have it. I expect much of the White House looked liked this when Jackie took over, it looks just like the Governor’s mansion in Jackson Mississippi, like a stupendous whore house or a pornocracy...the government by whores.

jason said...
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jason said...

I think you're right.
By the way, I'm registered as a Pornocrat.

Clinton 2069!

larry said...

very cool jason! at a book fair? too much!!!

Dean Grey said...

Great pics, Jason!

I personally love the glass dome building. Think of all the houseplants I could have then?!


Colleen said...

Le sign. I want to crawl into some of those homes. Not the ones that are too ornate and curlicueish though.

Colleen said...

That was supposed to say "le sigh." Better brush up on my French.