Oct 5, 2009


A while back, I subscribed to Domino Magazine.

I'd been offered a super-duper-offer-you-can't-refuse "professional rate," because, well, as we all know teachers and decorators are in the same profession. I mean, we're both all about safety scissors and being smart assed, right?

I had checked Domino out a few times from the public library and I was kind of excited.

Unfortunately, the magazine went out of business promptly upon the cashing of my check, it seems.
In lieu they sent me "Lucky". (yeah, irony anyone?)

This has to be the single suckiest magazine I've ever seen. Seriously. Even if I were in its target demographic (shut up.), I'd hate it.

I mean it's nothing but ads masquerading as "articles" sandwiched between ads not masquerading as articles.
It's like a catalogue you have to pay for, but without all that pesky "pricing and shipping help" nonsense, you know.

I can't even give the copies away. I've tried with every female I know. No one wants them. My mother used them for the cat litter for a while, but then the cat died.

Tossing out today's issue, I see a sample of Ed Hardy's "Christian Audigier's" new perfume ("available at Dillards"). I'm not even going to sully my garbage can.

I just need to think of something useful to do with those "mark your favorite" sticker tabs.


David said...

>>>"mark your favorite" sticker tabs.

Maybe you could take them with you to a bar and apply them to persons of interest?

jason said...

David: ooo...I like the way you think.
You deserve a sticker.

Dean Grey said...

My mother used them for the cat litter for a while, but then the cat died.

This part made me laugh, Jason!


MJ said...

And now Gourmet magazine is folding.

Ur-spo said...

it doesnt sound attractive
why don't you donate them to a doctor's office?

Jill said...

On a serious note...call them and tell them what happened and that you want a different magazine in their stable. The same thing happened to be but with a different mag...They sent me Cookie (really that's the name). Cookie is for Mom's and their kids...so NOT me! I called and got Vanity Fair instead.

MJ...is this really true about Gourmet?!

Elizabeth said...

Jason, Thanks for the laugh! You are a master of ironic living. In fact, "Ironic Living" would be a great magazine title.... Hmmmm....